ADF caught staging social media PR during flood recovery

australia Mar 7, 2022

While the Northern NSW region struggles, the ADF’s number one priority is apparently ensuring social media PR is filmed.

Hard work...perhaps. Photo: Scott Morrison's Instagram.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Scott Morrison have both received harsh criticism online, after locals in flood-affected northern NSW regions expose the so-called ‘help’ they are receiving on-the-ground.


Video and photos have emerged showing ADF members clearly posing for staged social media PR posts, while residents in the region continue to suffer with little to no support from authorities.

One video shows almost a dozen ADF members standing around at a single property, passing rubbish to each other for the cameras, before soon dumping the debris on the road:

Is this the kind of assistance Australians in need are given in a time of (manufactured) crisis?

Other videos from residents show ADF members posing for promotional shots. Here are a few screenshots from taken from locals that have been sent to TOTT News:

The ADF were so efficient when escorting suspected disease holders to hotel quarantine, or patrolling Sydney streets to ensure people were kept indoors during COVID-19..

Yet when a real emergency arises, THIS is the result.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has praised the efforts of the ADF in assisting flood devastated regions.

Just take a look at these *authentic* photos of the boys and girls hard at work!

Notice the lack of dirt or mud in any of these shots?

At almost 10,000 comments, this one particular post has sparked a wave a harsh comments towards ScoMo, the ADF, and their so-called ‘recovery assistance’.

Here are some of the top comments left in response:

Wow. Myself and a massive growing community have been on the grounds here in these devastated communities and we do not witness any of your ADF helping rebuild or recover.

Lismore is absolutely covered in mud and toxic filth – these photos don’t even represent the beginning of the devastation. T his is a big media stunt. Thanks for the reconfirmation that we cannot depend on current government structures – it is riddled with corruption from inside out.


ADF? No one is buying this BS. Perfectly captured images to push the smoke and mirrors. It is CIVILIANS on the ground doing the mobilising, cleaning, rescuing, recovering. For a town such as Lismore that has been completely wiped out, you’d think there’d be hundreds of ADF on the streets helping but there wasn’t.

Handful of trucks and ADF hanging out at southern cross uni is what we saw yesterday. Drop off centre inside that uni is being run by families. Not ADF. You’ve been exposed.




Where is the ADF sorry? They’re definitely not herein NR on the ground. It’s all community led. Shame on you Scomo for socially distancing during a real state of emergency. #fakenews


A sad state of affairs.

However, communities HAVE come together during this period to rebuild themselves in remarkable scenes.


Furthermore, authorities prove once again that they are NOT needed when it really counts.

Residents have banded together in a remarkable show of unity during these hard times.

If you would like to assist, please visit the following community-run group for Northern Rivers and SE-QLD:

Recovery Project 2022

The power of people will always be greater than the people in power.

By TOTT News

ADF caught staging social media PR during flood recovery
ADF caught staging social media PR during flood recovery While the Northern NSW region struggles, the ADF’s number one priority is apparently ensuring socia...
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