technology May 11, 2021

An AMD hardware leaker has suggested that an upcoming mobile CPU known as the 6900H, could include a new-generation of slightly enhanced Zen3+ CPU cores paired up with RDNA2 GPU cores — as many as 12 of the latter.

That could make these mobile CPUs extremely capable, offering the kind of performance that we'd expect from entry-level dedicated graphics cards — something that hasn't been seen in many generations.

AMD's APUs are a real focus for gamers at a time where discrete graphics cards are almost impossible to find and even when they are, they're massively overpriced. Those APUs offer decent gaming performance on a fair budget, but as with everything, that's meant they're hard to find. Still, looking forward, the next-generation 6000-series APUs might be a serious step up again, with some intriguing hardware under the IHS.

They will reportedly use a new Zen3+ CPU architecture built on a 6nm process node. That could offer a similar improvement to what we saw with second-generation Ryzen CPUs over the first — around 10 percent at best. Still, when the Ryzen 5000 chips are already the best processor for gaming, this is still a solid gain, especially since it brings down the price of higher performance.

Combined with that new CPU core is RDNA2 GPU cores — up to 12 of them. That'd give this chip roughly 30% as fast as an RX 6700XT or about as fast as a GTX 1650. That's crazy performance for an onboard GPU and would make these chips fantastic for entry-level gaming.

Considering the 6900H wouldn't even necessarily be the highest performance chip, too, the Ryzen 6000 APUs could be something quite special indeed.

By MegaGames


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