Australia needs a new beginning

opinion Apr 7, 2022

The Marxists and the Woke brigade have relentlessly marched through our society and institutions, causing a national crisis.

We are short of water, petrol, gas, modern infrastructure, major industries, arable land, a viable defence system, and a judicial system that works. We have millions of pages of stultifying red and green regulations, many thousands of state and federal bureaucrats doing very little, and a hundred opaque government agencies, all busily siphoning off the taxpayer dollars, with very little to show.

In the past, there have been too many politicians’ cheap bribes seducing too many voters, and too many bureaucrats pumping out petty regulations.

Let’s start afresh.

If I am elected in May I will immediately introduce National Emergency Bills to rival those of wartime Australia. My government will overturn all bans on dams, oil and gas exploration, and dump the whole of the current green and red-tape regulations. All foreign-owned strategic land and infrastructure will be compulsorily acquired at market value. All future regulations will be guided by the national interest and common sense.

Manufacturing will be encouraged to return with low taxes and user-friendly regulations. GST to the states will be massively cut, forcing the culling of bloated bureaucracies and the introduction of more efficient practices. The ABC will be funded by subscription only, and all subsidies to wind and solar will be dumped. All carbon credits and emissions targets will be abandoned, as will repressive restrictions on farmers and homeowners trying to manage their own properties. Companies that engage in ‘woke’ ideology will be subject to massive fines.

Self-employed contractors will no longer be required to form companies just to make a living.

Citizens have to wait up 2-5 years for court outcomes. A national body, operating in each state, will appoint a plethora of new judges, and warnings will be given to all unreasonably slow and activist judges (including those in the High Court) to adhere to established Constitutional and common law. Realistic sentencing for serious crimes will be restored, and custodial sentences will replace community service orders. Paroles will be mandated at no more than 10 per cent of any sentences. Judges who persistently fail to comply will be struck-off. A ceiling will be placed on excessive legal fees for routine court matters.

It is time to ask ourselves: what have we allowed to happen to our cherished country, our innate optimism, and our core values of family, church, and mateship? Help me restore Australia to its former glory.

All of us can do better. Let’s make it happen.

By Rob Barclay

Australia needs a new beginning
Australia needs a new beginning The Marxists and the Woke brigade have relentlessly marched through our society and institutions, causing a national crisis....
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