Australians Reject the ‘new normal’ with marches across the country

australia Jan 23, 2022

Large crowds of pro-choice protesters swarmed on city centres today for freedom rallies.

Australia joins international events for freedom.

Large crowds have marched across the country today to oppose the dystopian ‘new normal’ way of life in 2022, with campaigners saying freedom is far from restored yet.


Following the decision by Premier Mark McGowan to yet again backflip on opening the WA borders after over 600 days, the people of Perth have shown today they are not impressed.

Protesters returned to Perth’s CBD to march against continued mandates and isolation of the state – urging people to “wake up” and “take down the government”.

Huge crowds, including families who brought young children and babies, gathered in 40C heat at Forrest Chase this afternoon for speeches and a march through the city.


The Melbourne event attracted a large crowd, with thousands walking from Parliament House through the CBD to Carlton Gardens.

Signs with slogans such as “my body my choice”, “save our children”, “free Victoria”, “fake news”, “be fab stop the jab” and “unvaxxed sperm is the next bitcoin” dominated the streetscape.

Outside Victoria Police headquarters, protesters chanted “you serve us”, blew whistles and yelled “freedom” as a line of police stared them down.


In Sydney, protesters gathered at Strathfield train station and walked to Burwood Park where numerous speakers, including United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly, addressed the audience.

The crowd then marched through city streets to have their voices heard:

Protesters were spotted with signs that said “wake up Australia”, “we don’t need no vaccination”, while one woman smiled as she held a sign saying “stop medical apartheid, shame on you Merrylands RSL”.

Michael O’Neill – Informed Medical Options Party:

Smokin Joe, recently a political prisoner, fires up the crowd:


Another large crowd gathered at Musgrave Park in Brisbane this overcast afternoon, for an empowering event of music, motivation and a long march through West End and South Brisbane.

A group of veterans arrived to show solidarity and join the events:

Crowds flood CBD streets with signs, slogans and positive energy:

The group remains at the park now listening to entertainment and connecting.


A wet day in Adelaide today, with protesters descending on Rundle Park and weathering the conditions for speeches and a march through the CBD.

The man himself, Graham Lyons, spotted with another creative sign on-the-ground:

Thank you to for the following shots of the march:


Cairns also had a very wet day up North, with a passionate crowd gathering for a day of speakers, a march and a chance to connect with a like-minded community.

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