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crypto May 22, 2021

CISO connects pseudonymous addresses to real-world entities, and allows you to intuitively graph and investigate cryptocurrency transactions in mere minutes.

You can try's CISO tool for free here:

Tracing transactions to and from a Bitcoin address using CISO

Comprehensive Risk Intelligence

Our machine learning behavior analytics model evaluates the risk indicators associated with any addresses. Exclusive intelligence on 100+ Million addresses and counting, mapping pseudonymous wallets to real-world entities.

AML/KYC/CTF Compliance

Complies with all existing global and regional legislation and industry standards eg. FATF,  5AMLD, OFAC, ACAMS. Regular updates allow you to quickly adapt to new regulations such as KYC, AML, and CFT.

Automated Tracing

10X Boost on your investigation with artificial intelligence! 1-Click Auto-Trace maps cryptocurrency transactions to criminal, financial, and other destinations within seconds.

In-depth Exploration Graph

Interactive graph-based investigation tools augment your analytics efforts to reveal complex entity relationships involving thousands of addresses

Evidence-based Alerts

Live, customizable, round-the-clock alerts powered by our exclusive risk engine.  Effortlessly monitor potentially illicit behavior, large transactions, and more.

Customer Data Privacy

All sensitive data is kept within our secure network perimeter, with bank-grade encryption for your safety and data privacy. On-prem data center deployment available for large enterprises.

CISO is the next-generation cryptocurrency forensics platform, connecting pseudonymous addresses to real-world entities, and allowing you to intuitively graph and investigate cryptocurrency transactions in mere minutes.


Risk Behaviour Profile

Scan the entirety of a wallet’s transaction history, affiliates, and behavioral patterns with just the push of a button.


Automated Tracing

Trace the flow of funds through dozens or even hundreds of hops to its destination wallets, be they exchange, mixer, and criminal entities. View demo video


In-depth Exploration Graph

Graph visualization concisely details the inflows and outflows of addresses for maximum readability. View demo video

Security Operation

Case Management

Comply with the latest international and regional regulations, and receive customized suspicious activity alerts around-the-clock.



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