Emails Expose How Dr Fauci And Mark Zuckerberg Colluded To Impose Control Over Pandemic Narrative

big tech Dec 16, 2021

Private emails expose how Dr. Fauci colluded with Mark Zuckerberg to impose control over the narrative around the pandemic to enforce strict COVID lockdowns. Emails from Mark Zuckerberg addressed to Anthony Fauci, the founder and CEO of Facebook suggested sending “data reports” on users to “facilitate decisions” on the pandemic lockdowns.

This disclosure is an example of how easily Big Tech corporate and the government can easily engage in the use of individual information and use that to restrict civil liberties.

In the exchange, Zuckerberg insists: “I want to make sure you have all the resources you need to expedite the development of a vaccine.”

Zuckerberg, whose personal foundation referenced in the email that they had invested hundreds of millions of dollars into ensuring Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, offered help to the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) just one month after the duo had made connections over emails that were later redacted by the U.S. government.

In it’s entirety, Zuckerberg’s email to Fauci on April 8 reads:


I’m writing to thank you again for everything you’re doing and to see if there’s anything else that Facebook, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative or I personally can be doing to help you in your efforts to fight Covid and to get society back open again.

If we’re looking at a prolonged period of tightening and loosening shelter restrictions around the country, then if there are aggregate, anonymized data reports that Facebook can generate to facilitate these decisions, for example, we’d be happy to do this and want to make sure we’re prioritizing the right work. We’ve kicked off a symptom survey, which will hopefully give a county-by-county leading indicator of cases to inform public health decisions. If there are other aggregate data resources that you think would be helpful, let me know.

Longer term, [REDACTED] and I want to make sure you have all the resources you need to expedite the development of a vaccine. This seems like an area that’s getting a lot of investment, but if there are promising approaches that aren’t currently being worked on — or if there are areas that could use more resources — let me know and we’d be happy to look at funding them.

Thank you again for your leadership on this. And I know how busy you are, so there’s no need to respond to this email if there isn’t anything for us to help with right now. I hope you’re doing well.


In response to Zuckerberg’s email, Fauci wrote:


Thanks for the note and for your offer to help. I will think hard about ways that we may take you up on your offer.

Warm regards,


The exchange between the two comes in the middle of separate emails between the CEO of Facebook and the director of NIAID discussing the social media platform’s “Coronavirus Information Hub” and how they could impose control over the narrative around the pandemic.

Upon Senator Marsha Blackburn raising the issue earlier this year, Fauci denied any involvement with the chief of Facebook.

“I don’t have a clue of what she just said, I don’t have a clue of what she’s talking about. I have no idea what she’s talking about… I have no idea what she’s talking about.”

Fauci on MSNBC, June 9th 2021

Last year, a group of Indian scientists discovered that coronavirus was engineered with AIDS like insertions. After GreatGameIndia published the results of the study, it attracted heavy criticism to an extent that the authors were forced to retract their paper.

Now, Fauci Emails reveal that it was Dr Anthony Fauci himself who threatened the Indian scientists and forced them to withdraw their study linking COVID-19 to AIDS virus.

Two of another top scientists leading Britain’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic colluded with Dr Fauci in a cover-up of the COVID-19 bioweapons research also known as Gain-of-function experiments to peddle natural origin theory of the coronavirus.

According to federal salaries data available for last year, Anthony Fauci is the highest paid employee in the entire US government. In fact, Dr. Fauci even made more than the salary of the President of the United States.

American lawmakers have introduced the Fire Fauci Act with the intention to fire Dr Anthony Fauci for misinformation with regards to COVID-19 and for covering-up the origin of the virus. The Fire Fauci Act will bring Fauci’s salary to $0 and require Senate confirmation to fill his position.

At the very end of their first communique is a redacted portion of the email which some are claiming that Zuckerberg is proposing to censor some issues.

This information arrives as Facebook attorneys acknowledge that the “fact-check” is nothing other than the “opinions” of the third-party partners of the company. The company has removed thousands of COVID-19 related posts and accounts based on these “fact-checks”.

A so-called independent fact-checker website is exposed to be funded by the same $1.9 billion vaccine lobby group that it is supposed to check. The site is a Facebook partner whose articles are used to censor critical voices on the social media platform. It is headed by the former CDC director, which is again a conflit of interest.

By Great Game India


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