Facebook suspended anti-lockdown London mayoral candidate David Kurten on election day

big tech May 8, 2021

Facebook suspended London’s mayoral candidate David Kurten on the day of election, for allegedly violating community standards.

Kurten and his Heritage Party have been strong opponents of lockdown measures, and have challenged the idea of vaccine passports. On Thursday morning, the day of the mayoral and assembly elections in London, Facebook suspended Kurten for seven days. The social media network cited five posts dating back to October 2020, which “didn’t follow our Community Standards.”

On the day of the suspension, Kurten had published two posts on Facebook. One of the posts expressed his and his party’s strong opposition to the vaccine passport and lockdowns. The other one claimed that vaccine manufacturers are not liable for the COVID-19 jabs.

He took to Twitter to blast Facebook for the 7-day suspension, calling it “an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.” “I have been given a 7 day ban from posting on Facebook on the day of the Landon Mayor and Assembly Elections. This is an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy,” he wrote on May 6.

Kurten was also given a 7-day suspension by YouTube a few weeks ago for “disagreeing with WHO.”

By Cindy Harper



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