First CEO of Moderna was Anthony Fauci….?

covid Dec 20, 2021

Letter to the Editor

As the alleged history goes, there was a Company heavily involved in WW2 called IG Farben. This is believed to be a Company associated with George Soros who possibly even ran it.
George as a child was taken in by a Nazi family during the war despite being of Jewish descent.
After the war, George went to America.
It is claimed he eventually broke up with IG Farben and formed Moderna.

One of the main financial brokers of Moderna is believed to be Bill Gates.
The first CEO of Moderna is believed to have been a young Cornell Graduate by the name of …..Anthony Fauci.

For those who are holding out for the Novomax NVX-C0V2373 this is what can be found on the public record so far:

Novomax is a Biotechnology Company sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation.
They have been given millions of dollars from CEPI for large scale manufacturing of vaccines.
This will be their first vaccine (if successful)
The President and CEO is Stanley Erck.
Novomax is a Company listed on the share market.

Novomax will be based on a genetically modified baculovirus.
Baculoviruses are viruses that infect insects.
The most common hosts are immature moths and butterflies, but also mosquitos.

These baculoviruses are not usually able to replicate in humans.

It is claimed Sf9 moth cells with be infected with a computer generated SARS Cov2 to produce a coronavirus spike protein, then harvested as a whole deactivated virus for injection.

The spike proteins harvested will be assembled onto a synthetic lipid nanoparticle displaying up to 14 spike proteins.

Novamax will be a recombinant protein injection from mixed sources.
A genetically modified nanoparticle technology.

The adjuvant that will be used for Novamax is code named QS-21 or “Matrix M”
An adjuvant is what is needed to get the immune system to respond.

The adjuvant in Pfizer has been Polyethelene glycol (PEG) and in AstraZeneca it was Polysorbate 80. The adjuvants used in some childhood vaccines have been primarily aluminium.
Pre 1990’s the adjuvant used in childhood vaccines was primarily mercury.

Novomax will have a saponin based adjuvant from the bark of the Chilean soap bark tree called quillaja saponaria.
Quillaja saponaria is an emulsifying foaming product.
This product is believed to have been used in lens cleaners, fire fighting foam and cosmetics.

Saponins are used to bind substances that would not normally mix, like water and oil.

Quillaja saponaria can allegedly cause liver damage if receiving high amounts of tannins.
It can reportedly cause breakdown of blood cells, respiratory failure, and convulsions.
It was claimed to have been used in Veterinary practice in the 1950’s but was considered “too toxic” for humans at the time because it caused the red blood cells to burst.

Phase 1 clinical trials for Novomax in healthy individuals already commenced in Australia way back in mid 2020.
The trials were mainly to see how people responded to the Matrix M saponin.
Phase 3 clinical trials are occurring overseas.

As always, do your own research as more information comes to light.

From Seb, NSW


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