Globalists Have Entered The Kill Phase Of The Great Reset

wef May 29, 2022

A war produces dead bodies and by that measure, Technocracy’s war against humanity is in full swing. “It’s basically the dawning of a new era based on transhumanism and technocracy, something akin to what was laid out in the novel Brave New World.”

This was a big week for the globalists. They feel it’s their time, go time, to launch the most difficult phase of the Great Reset so they can get on with what they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as explained by World Economic Forum guru Klaus Schwab, will lead to a “fusion” of every human being’s physical, biological and digital identities. It’s basically the dawning of a new era based on transhumanism and technocracy, something akin to what was laid out in the novel Brave New World.

But they can’t get there until they reset everything. Kill off the old. Bring on the new.

Resetting the world isn’t something you can pull off by just pushing a button. It requires a series of well-designed global crises, as Schwab and his chief advisor Yuval Noah Hariri have said on more than one occasion.

So the globalists have been meeting this week in Geneva at the World Health Assembly and they have been meeting in Davos at the World Economic Forum summit. The two cities, Geneva and Davos, are both located in Switzerland, about three hours apart by car. Between these two meetings, the globalist predator class will be getting their instructions on what to do and what to expect over the next 12 months. I am calling this 12-month window the opening salvo in the kill phase of the Great Reset.

Schwab opened the meeting at Davos by saying “the future is not just happening; the future is built by us, by a powerful community, as you here in this room.”

Schwab said “we must prepare for an angrier world,” which I take as a bad sign that the globalists are getting anxious, feeling that if they don’t take drastic action soon all their plans to erect an end-times global government could be wasted.

Schwab added that, “We have the means to improve the state in the world, but two conditions are necessary:

“The first one is that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities.

“And second is that we collaborate.”

My question for Klaus is this: Collaborate on what?

And what does he mean, exactly, by “improve” the state of the world?

Improvements for whom? I believe he’s referring to improved conditions for the 1 percent who run the big banks and corporations and their minions, which might jack it up to 3 or 4 percent. For the rest of us, they have an agenda of misery.

Time for a culling

If we look at the WEF/UN agenda, which is supported wholeheartedly by the governments of the U.S., U.K., E.U., Canada and Australia, it’s all pointing to a mass culling of the human population. They have triggered the kill phase.

As they see it, we can surmise from their rhetoric, the culling is needed in order to save the planet and its resources for they, the globalist elites represented this week at Davos and Geneva.

They have told us their plans ahead of time. They always do. We will own nothing, we will have no privacy and we will learn to like being totally dependent on the government and its corporate partners for our very survival.

David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations World Food Program, spoke at Davos and had cheery news. Watch his brief comments in the video below.

In his formal address to the WEF, Beasley explained that the global food situation was already bad before the Ukraine war, but that the situation has since escalated to become what he called the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Then there’s the creepy cover of the Economist Magazine. This is the Rothschild owned publication that caters to the elite globalists. It pictured a field of wheat, with the kernels of wheat represented as skulls, with the title being “The Coming Food Catastrophe.”

Conservative Playlist reports that the Rockefeller Foundation, another globalist club with ties to Bill Gates, Schwab and the WEF, recently warned that a global food crisis of biblical proportions is scheduled to arrive at our doors within five to six months.

Rockefeller Foundation president Rajiv Shah described what is soon to unfold as a “massive, immediate food crisis” that will strike the entire world, leaving no country untouched.

This is not communism because, if it were, the big corporations would not all be in on it. This is technocracy, using the power of data collection and advanced surveillance technology, which they leverage at every point of contact – in the medical field, media and social media, science, education, at the retail level, the military and biosecurity levels.

But how, people ask, will they make it so we will own nothing and just rent everything from the billionaires and multi-millionaires?

I tell these people that if they were awake they would see the answer to their question playing out in real time.

By creating more and more money and deliberately driving down the value of the dollar, the Federal Reserve and the banking system force you to pay more for less. To survive, whether you are in the lower middle class, the middle-middle class, or the upper middle class, you will pay more for the same gallon of gas, the same groceries, the same clothing as you had before. You can get buy for a while by just buying less and cutting out waste, but after a while you will be looking to downsize your cars, your houses, your food intake, everything.

This is why Mayer Rothschild said “I care not who makes a country’s laws as long as I control its money.”

The plan is to price you out of everything to the point where you are renting a small apartment in the city next to a rail line, replacing your SUV with a mini electric car (if you can afford that) or even a bicycle. Look at China. That’s the future they have planned for us.

The more pain that is caused, the closer the elites get to being able to implement their Great Reset, with digital QR codes attached to every human being containing all your health records on a cellphone app and connecting that app also to your bank account and your ability to log onto the internet. That’s the goal.

Now here’s the catch.

The billionaire globalist elites know their plan is unpopular.

They know that at least half the population in wealthy countries will never go along with this plan willingly. They will have to be coerced in a time of horrific crisis like war or a wave of “public health emergencies,” and the extreme deprivation that such crises cause.

Because the vast majority of Americans suffer from extreme normalcy bias, they can’t see what’s coming. They will be caught completely off guard. The sporadic shortages they see in the grocery stores now, these folks believe that’s just a temporary glitch that will soon iron itself out. Nothing to worry about.

They don’t see that war and famine are right around the corner. So when it arrives, they will be ruled by fear and confusion. Anxiety levels will be off the charts.

Most will submit to the beast system that’s being erected on the backs of these pre-arranged crises.

Because of the rule of thirds, somewhere between 25 and 30 percent will never submit to this kind of a system. We saw it last year with the vaccines, when approximately 70 percent of Americans capitulated to the pressure of “get your shot” but 30 percent stood strong and resisted.

Now, Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, admits nobody wants his vaccines and he’s having to throw them away, 30 million doses to be exact.

Take a look at his comments in the video below. He’s very sad.

The bottom line for the elites is this: The population is just too big and unmanageable for the type of resource-based, total control society required by their dystopian technocracy, and if there’s anything a technocracy simply cannot tolerate it’s a sizable population of people who don’t know their place. They still believe in free speech, the First and the Second amendments, that people are born male or female, old-fashioned stuff like that. They must be eliminated.

The kill phase: How will they cull the population?

For that reason, we have entered the kill phase of the Great Reset.

Everything they are engaging in right now, these so-called stakeholders, is causing people to die prematurely in certain key countries where we have large middle-class populations who are accustomed to living relatively free lives. They’re not a good fit for the total surveillance society where your movement is monitored in real time, your spending habits are monitored and assessed, your eating habits are monitored (meat will be a “rare treat” says the WEF). All of your life activity will be monitored in order to calculate and track your carbon footprint and assess your overall social credit score.

Let’s take a look at the points of friction in society right now that are being fomented by the globalist elites who run everything, from the monetary and banking systems to the major corporations to the media, Big Pharma and Big Tech.a

  • Manufactured supply-chain breakdowns along with food, fertilizer and fuel shortages, which will all lead to famine. Check out the below video of a train derailment last Sunday in Alberta, Canada — the train just happened to be carrying 43 containers of potash for desperately needed nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Promoting killer vaccines and booster shots with the return of vaccine mandates likely by this fall.
  • Fomenting civil unrest, mass shootings and the resulting gaslighting of American gun owners with incendiary rhetoric coming from the White House. The media will run backup for the Biden administration as it makes a play for some kind of national gun control measures. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC are just two of the many media mockingbirds who deliver propaganda on behalf of U.S. intelligence agencies. Since the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, Mika and Joe have been hammering home the message that now is the time for the government to declare certain rifles illegal. This type of rhetoric, threatening to disarm law-abiding Americans at a time when crime is running out of control, will only make more people want to buy guns for protection.
  • Escalating their proxy war against Russia into a regional and eventually a world war. China is going to make a play for Taiwan, and Iran may go after Israel. Russia and China are simply better prepared for this war than the U.S. and Europe.
  • Stoking the globalist obsession with LGBTQ transgender mania, to the point where it’s in your face everywhere, but more importantly in your child’s face, at school, at summer camp, in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, even at many churches. This further weakens the pool of young people by confusing them about their own gender and, along with the gay and lesbian push, results in fewer babies being born.

The Deagel population forecast of 2014

All of the above policies are driving at one thing, mass depopulation.

I revert back to the analysis done by Deagel Corp. several years ago.

Deagel is a military contractor that in 2014 published a forecast of massive population reductions out to the year 2025, when America would be down to just 99 million people from over 330 million in 2014. Western European nations, especially the U.K. and Germany, would see similarly drastic decreases in population.

Based on the Deagel calculations, assuming they turn out to be even close to accurate, the most unsafe places to live over the next three years will be the United States and the U.K., followed by Germany and then the rest of the E.U. nations. This population forecast was so controversial, showing population reductions of 80 percent in the United States and between 50 and 80 percent for almost every Western European country, that the study mysteriously disappeared from Deagel’s website post Covid in March 2021.

Until the impact of the Covid “pandemic” and resulting mass vaccination campaign, many researchers were scratching their heads as they reviewed the Deagel spreadsheets. But now it’s beginning to make more sense.

Researcher Craig Paardekooper recently released his report on predictions of global depopulation based on an updating of the Deagel numbers. You can see his updated predictions for every country. He shows the U.S. losing 70.2 percent of its population and the U.K. losing 78.5 percent by 2025.

Deagel’s predictions seemed so far-fetched in 2014 that some folks accused Deagel of engaging in a psy op. But maybe Deagel had good sources to back up its analysis. After all, the Rockefeller Foundation had published its “Lockstep” analysis in 2010, all but guaranteeing that major pandemics would wipe out tens of millions of people, and Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, was well into his vaccine phase by 2014 as well, having shifted his focus a few years earlier away from computers and into vaccines.

Of course we know that the first ‘guideline’ etched in the Georgia Guidestones monument states “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” representing a reduction of more than 90 percent of the earth’s people. That’s a goal that seemed outrageous until the full scope of the poison death shots and then the prospect of global famine and World War III started coming into view just beyond the horizon of the daily news headlines.

Bottom line: We live in strange times, and I believe it’s the end times. We all need to focus on hardening ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally for what is coming to America over the next three years, while realizing that the most important realm is to harden ourselves spiritually.

God bless you all as you go about your preparations.

By Leo Hohmann


The Carbon-Credit diet plan, 2022

It’s been a long two years of lockdown and it’s fair to say that all those Uber Eats added up, especially when the government marched around and closed the gyms.

Yes, the government’s official solution to a pandemic where the biggest risk factor for death was cited as being ‘overweight’ was to lock people in their homes and instruct them to ‘Netflix and chill’ with an endless supply of pizza. Just under half of the Western world reported an extra bulge or too and, now that people are allowed out, there are certainly more yoga pants and long jumpers than usual.

But don’t worry. The World Economic Forum has convened in Davos to help solve this crisis of over-padded humans indulging in a rare century of plentiful food.

Humans have access to too much food. This isn’t a pandemic problem, according to the WEF, it’s a Climate Change problem. How dare people in the West, who looked after their countries and cultivated a successful agricultural industry, reap the benefits of democracy, capitalism, and a robust education system. That’s simply not fair to the countries that keep descending into ethnic civil wars, tribal violence, religious practices that hold women at home, or whose people fall for the promises of socialist warlords that keep taking power and ruling via corruption propped up by hundreds of billions in global aid programs.

Instead of exporting the successful ideologies and systems of government, the WEF has demanded that the West become more socialist and implement an artificial food shortage created through a re-imagined social credit system. They cannot skip straight to the Chinese System, where citizens are punished for not loving Xi Jinping enough, so the plan is to begin by punishing Western citizens for side-eyeing a steak.

A moral judgment and physical limitation is about to be placed on our food decisions – one that will, by extension – collapse Australia’s farming community which will have no choice but to sell up to foreign investors or allow their properties to be overrun by bugs. Not only are there plans afoot by the Greens and Teals to over-tax, over-regulate, and reclaim farmland (for environmental reasons, of course) – adding a Carbon Cost will stifle the demand for fresh produce and erase the last Aussie farmers. Is this really what we want?

This goes well beyond the annoyance of Vegans and Vegetarians protesting in aisle 9 or the elbow-nudging of someone chowing down on foie gras at a posh restaurant.

We are expected to give up our fresh food and vegetables, meats, and treats and replace them with lab-grown muck and beetles. If the WEF and lunatics at the United Nations Climate Change panels get their way, modern humans will be eating worse than the peasants of the Dark Ages. At least rats still had some meat on them.

Calculating the Carbon Cost (yes, that is how it is described by the businesses already working in partnership with the WEF to certify the calculation), is set to appear on menus around the world like a calorie count. With the increasing digital surveillance demanded by our government – representatives of which are in attendance at Davos – how long before that Carbon Cost goes onto our digital identity? How long before it becomes like an unofficial credit rating?

China’s Social Credit System did not begin with threats and restrictions. It was sold to the public (and trialled) as a system of reward where citizens could compete on virtue.

Early uptake users in China used the Social Credit System app to engage in ‘good activities’ in order to buy or access ‘privileges’. This makes sense in China where the communist system actively denies its citizens access to the trappings of society enjoyed by party members. In the West, we work hard, earn money, and then buy what we want as a reward. The government has no say in our choices or subsequent success. At first, this virtue-system was popular in China – but the Chinese people missed the sinister point. They shouldn’t have to ‘virtue signal’ to access society, they should demand the government stop oppressing them.

Sadly, the West’s children aren’t much smarter. The idea of a Woke Virtue Signalling competition with government rewards sounds like a great idea for people too lazy to work. Completing a week of honest, hard work to learn a trade? No way. Much easier to order a salad wrap with extra weevils and collect a big green ‘tick’ from Big Brother.

The West must learn from China’s mistake.

It only took a few short months for the Social Credit Reward system to turn into a tool of dictatorial punishment. Buy the wrong thing, criticise the government, step outside the State-approved narrative, and suddenly you can’t buy food, your kids can’t go to school, and you can’t use the public transport system to escape.

The Chinese people are prisoners of the same idea being promoted as an innocent climate-saving virtue this week at Davos – a technology that Western billionaires in Silicon Valley (who censor our public forum) helped to design.

In the end, it is about control.

Don’t eat this. Don’t say that. Don’t think that.

The result is a population that has no choice but to consume whatever the big businesses at the top of the food chain sell us, whether we want it or not – just like the products ‘offered’ by vaccine manufacturers were purchased by the government and forced on the community by denials of rights. When the WEF talks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, and Build Back Better – they are describing the end of the free market, of merit, and competition.

Klaus Schwab is not kidding when he says, ‘The future is built by us!’

Take a really good long look at the people behind the Climate Change narrative. They are the ones hopping on private jets, lounging in five-star hotels, and living on private islands in mansions bigger than some towns. They eat, drink, smoke, and swallow whatever they like while plotting to reduce your quality of life to ‘save the planet’.

Something is wrong with this image.

What happens, we are left to ask, to those who don’t stick to the Carbon Cost diet? Will it be a little disappointed shake of the head, or are we going to see a war between the ‘Health at Any Size’ movement and the World Economic Forum? Australia must reject this Carbon Cost before it gets a hold of our economy.

By Flat White


WEF leader:

"Globalists need more power to counter growing COVID skepticism"

"We're in danger of losing this moment for transformative change"

With popular support for pandemic measures such as lockdowns and masks declining, the world's leaders are losing the opportunity to accelerate the globalist agenda, said former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark in a panel with billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and others a the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Clark, who more recently was the administrator of the United Nations Development Program, acknowledged that "people are over COVID" and the political and popular support for anti-pandemic measures is "waning."

The solution, she said, is to give global entities such as the World Health Organization more power.

Clark said "people are over COVID; the problem is it's not done with us."

"But we're in danger of losing this moment for transformative change," she said.

That comment echoes WEF founder Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset" strategy of using the pandemic to advance globalism, shifting sovereignty from nations to global entities.

Clark insisted that people are still dying of COVID in "significant numbers," people are still developing long COVID every day and "low-income countries are horribly, horribly undervaccinated."

She said the "package of things that has to happen is trans-sector, and there hasn't yet been an effort to try and bring together a head of state and government level focus on the range of things that needs to be done."

Clark said what's needed is a special session of the U.N. General Assembly and "a negotiated political declaration that brings the different threads together."

"We're talking not just the WHO and health ecosystem," it's the wide range of global players, such as the World Trade Organization.

"A lot of people are doing bits and pieces, but it's not looking like a coordinated push to get transformational change," she said.

See Clark's remarks:

Capitalism as we have known it is dead'
Schwab made it clear as early as June 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic should be exploited as an opportunity to advance the globalist agenda promoted by his Davos conferences, which have pushed for numerous proposals, such as a worldwide carbon tax, to redistribute wealth and shift sovereignty from nation states to global entities.

Schwab wrote that "the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions" and bring about a "'Great Reset' of capitalism."

At the January 2021 virtual Davos meeting, a Fortune 500 CEO affirmed WEF's assertion that "capitalism as we have known it is dead."

By Art Moore


WEF elites:

"Countries must reject sovereign interests and prioritize global agenda"

The very same elites who demand that we all make sacrifices for the greater good should put their best foot forward and lead by example.

As the World Economic Forum continues in Davos, Switzerland, two European elites who spoke following WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s remarks, proclaimed that the global energy crisis is a “transition” toward green energy.

Admitting that the so-called “transition” would be “painful,” the elites said that nations need to put aside their national sovereignty to prioritize the “global agenda.”

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said countries must resist the temptation to prioritize their own interests and give way to the “rule of the markets.” He said that sustainability required everyone to make such sacrifices.

You know, for the greater good and all that.

At a separate panel, Norwegian finance CEO Kjerstin Braathen described the global energy crisis as a necessary transition toward green energy, she said that even though everyone can expect to experience mass shortages of oil and gas and severe economic hardship, the pain will be “worth it.”

The very same elites who demand that we all make sacrifices for the greater good should put their best foot forward and lead by example. Unless they are willing to forgo their private jets and life comforts, they have absolutely no place telling others to stop eating meat, to live in a pod, or take a bicycle to work.

Curiously, remarks made by the elites at Davos echo similar comments made by members of the Biden administration, including President Joe Biden himself regarding the energy crisis in the United States.

In remarks on Monday, Biden said that the surging price at the pump was part of an “incredible transition” toward green energy.

As detailed by Rebel News, the push for this green energy transition is being facilitated through the development of dystopian apps like an “individual carbon footprint tracker,” which Alibaba Group president  J. Michael Evans proudly spoke of.

The goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions is a major focal point for the World Economic Forum and its partners in the United Nations through Sustainable Development Goals, like those laid out in Agenda 2030.

By Rebel News


Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president

For refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Director Klaus Schwab issued a thinly veiled threat toward Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after the strongman refused to sign the World Health Organization‘s (WHO) pandemic treaty.

“Let’s also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community – you, here in this room. We have the means to impose this state [of the future] on the world,” Schwab said in a video posted on Twitter.

The German globalist’s message came amid remarks made by Bolsonaro on May 15. The strongman leading the Portuguese-speaking nation voiced out Brazil’s explicit refusal to sign the WHO’s pandemic treaty, which grants the global health body overarching powers in the guise of addressing public health issues. (Related: Stunning plan devised by Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum, to hand globalists control of the world using COVID pandemic.)

“Brazil will not get into this [pandemic treaty]. Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget that. I’ve already [spoken] to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil,” said Bolsonaro.

“Moreover, I was the only statesman that didn’t adhere to the lockdown policies. I said we had to take care of the elderly and people with comorbidities, and today’s studies outside of Brazil especially show that I was right.”

He cited the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo as an example of the utter failure of lockdowns to curb the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Check this out: Which state in Brazil locked [down] itself the most? Sao Paulo. Which state had the most deaths per 100,000 people? Sao Paulo. That’s a sign I was right.”

Bolsonaro critical of COVID-19 guidance from the WHO

This was not the first time the Brazilian president crossed swords with the global health body – leading to Schwab castigating the strongman.

Back in October 2021, Bolsonaro and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tackled the world’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and their bigger repercussions. The two sat down during the G21 Summit that month, held in the Italian capital Rome.

The Brazilian leader started the ball rolling by asking if there was “prior consideration” on the global health body’s part when it implemented lockdowns and other measures. “All over the world, there are people who need to work to feed themselves,” he pointed out, adding that “the economy will collapse” if the lockdowns continue.

In response, Tedros said he does not see a need for Brazil to lock itself down due to the country’s high COVID-19 vaccination rate. Lockdowns were no longer necessary as long as Brazilians continue wearing face masks and washing their hands properly, he added.

Bolsonaro also questioned the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, claiming “many who got the second dose are getting COVID-19. In Brazil, many who got the second dose are dying.”

But according to Tedros, it was possible for vaccinated people to die if they had comorbidities. “The vaccine does not prevent COVID, but it does prevent serious illness and death,” he added.

Meanwhile, Schwab mentioned two conditions that were necessary to bring about the Great Reset he espouses. These came amid Bolsonaro’s refusal to work with the WHO to advance the globalist agenda.

“The first one is that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities instead of serving only our self-interest. That’s what we call stakeholder responsibility. [The] second [condition is] that we collaborate,” Schwab said.

Watch Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro rejecting the WHO’s pandemic treaty below.

By Ramon Tomey


Avi Yemini detained at Melbourne Airport

After returning to Australia after reporting on the World Economic Forum World Government Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Israeli journalist Avi Yemini was detained by Australian border security and had his passport confiscated:

Subcontinental journalist the Real Rukshan travelled with Yemini and also alerted his social media followers:

In Davos, Yemini asked several WEF attendees if bugs were on the menu, exposing the double standards of privileged globalist elites who preach austerity with regard to energy use and meat consumption to combat fake climate change, while private jetting into one of the most exclusive cities in the world to live it up on champaign and caviar:

Imagine that, a small cosmopolitan clique determined to control the actions of every government on the planet from behind the scenes.

Anyway, their reporting from Davos where they got under the skins of several attendees could well have been the trigger. As predicted, with the pretence of the rigged federal election out of the way, the Australian government is cracking down on even the mildest of political dissidents. Russian political activist Aussie Cossack was arrested days before the federal election. He remains in prison and his videos have been wiped from the internet.

It is apparent that even controlled opposition which openly advocates for multiculturalism under a confected banner of patriotism will be repressed if they effectively counter the Narrative of the Australian Globalist Regime.

By David Hiscox


Klaus Schwab Cosies Up With Head Of Pfizer

As They Condemn ‘Conspiracy People’ And ‘Anti-vaxxers’

“There is a very fanatic group that would go after us no matter what.”

At the ongoing globalist World Economic Forum gathering of elitists in Davos, Switzerland, Bond villain wannabe Klaus Schwab and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sat down to discuss their “groundbreaking” plans to distribute vaccines globally while attacking those they describe as ‘conspiracy people’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ who resist.

Bourla told Schwab that his company has ensured governments in Europe and the U.S. will continue to protect pharmaceutical companies against lawsuits if vaccines they sell are “not working out well.”

“With any other medicine, for example, we don’t ask anyone to do anything with liabilities,” Bourla said, adding “but with a vaccine, we knew that there is a very fanatic group of anti-vaxxers that would go after us no matter what.”

He continued, “They will claim that the sun didn’t go up because people were vaccinated and that created issues with the crop, ‘So, I’m suing you.’”

“And one thing it is to sue you in the US another thing is to sue you in a country where the legal system is not up to the standards or Switzerland. So, I think that’s behind us. Everything went okay and I think we can move on,” the Pfizer CEO proclaimed.

Schwab chimed in declaring “I think we were — we were both targets of the anti-vaccine movements and conspiracy people claiming that I had triple — I wondered what it is — triple Covid.”

“I think you got hundreds of thousands of clicks and so on,” Schwab added, to which Bourla sarcastically replied “I read one day I was arrested by FBI.”

“Same happened to me,” Schwab said.

The Pfizer head continued, “And there are pictures of me in the FBI offices — I don’t know how,” adding “The surprising thing it is that the same publication — had published the previous one that was arrested was the pope by FBI,” Bourla continued. “Ridiculous.”

“So we are in good company,” Schwab laughed.

Could the ‘conspiracy people’ these two ghouls describe here be the same people who are concerned about Bourla and Schwab’s fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal to authorities when a drug has been digested, to ensure ‘compliance’.

These psychopaths are the target of ‘conspiracy people’ precisely because they are engaged in open efforts to infiltrate their governments and to economically and medically enslave people.

The fact they act surprised at this betrays just how demented they really are.

By Steve Watson


Nokia CEO in Davos:

By 2030, Smartphones Will Not Exist, Technology 'Built Directly Into Our Bodies'

According to Pekka Lundmark, in the 6G era, we can also expect very high-quality holograms.

As part of a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark said that sixth-generation networks will appear on the commercial market by 2030. He also noted that the smartphone would cease to be the most common gadget in the near future.

The businessman believes that people will begin to abandon their usual phones in favor of more convenient and modern devices by the end of the decade. The head of the company refers to smart glasses and other devices that people will wear on their faces.

According to Lundmark, many of these inventions will be built directly into our bodies. He also predicts that by 2030 there will be a technology for developing digital twins, which will require substantial computing resources.

In order to transmit all the computer bits that the metaverse will require, networks will need to be at least 100 times or even 1,000 times faster than they are today, Lundmark said.

According to the Nokia boss, in the 6G era, we can also expect very high-quality holograms. “We could then have this meeting when in reality, we would be sitting in different parts of the world.”

Speaking on the same panel, Google CFO Ruth Porat said: “We believe that one of the big advantages of augmented reality is actually solving problems here on Earth.”

“It will be things like having glasses and being able to translate as you speak with glasses,” she added. “Those are very close.”

Google previously launched an AR headset called Google Glass but ultimately pulled it after the device failed to gain traction.

By Amy Mek


World Economic Forum Urges People to Eat Seaweed, Algae and Cacti to Save the Planet

No word on whether that was on the menu at Davos.

World Economic Forum technocrats are urging people to ditch meat and other foods deemed to be harmful to the planet and instead consume “climate beneficial foods” such as seaweed, algae and cacti.

The WEF made the call as it wrapped up the 2022 meeting of global elitists in Davos, Switzerland.

A video summary was posted to Twitter in which the WEF promoted alternatives to a food system it claimed is responsible for two thirds of global carbon dioxide emissions.

A starter list published by the organization triumphs algae as being “an ideal replacement for meat” because it has a “carbon-negative profile” and is high in “essential fatty acids and high vitamin and antioxidants content.”

The guide also highlights cacti as containing “high amounts of vitamins C and E, carotenoids, fibre and amino acids,” noting that it is already commonly eaten in Mexico.

“This food crisis is real, and we must find solutions,” World Trade Organization Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said.

Back in December 2020, the World Economic Forum published two articles on its website which explored how people could be conditioned to get used to the idea of eating weeds, bugs and drinking sewage water in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Earlier this year, Vanderbilt University Professor Amanda Little argued that everyone in the world needs to start dining on insects and that the EU’s approval of them conferred a form of “dignity” to their consumption.

In February, billionaire-owned news outlet Bloomberg said Americans should cope with soaring inflation by eating lentils instead of meat.

A group of environmental economists in Germany also demanded that huge taxes be imposed on meat products to fight climate change, with calls for beef to be 56 per cent more expensive.

“There is no record of exactly what was served to the 2,500 invited delegates dining at the elite gathering in Davos and whether or not the WEF’s own dietary instructions were followed by participants,” writes Simon Kent.

If the Cop26 climate change summit in Scotland last year was any indication, algae and cacti weren’t on the menu.

Attendees there enjoyed dishes full of animal-based ingredients that were at least double the carbon footprint of the average UK meal.

By Steve Watson


WEF Conducts Event 616

Wargames Coming of the Antichrist

At this week’s WEF Summit in Davos, attended by world luminaries such as Bill Gates, George Soros and headed by Klaus Schwab, attendees conducted a tabletop simulation to better understand how world leaders would respond to the coming of the antichrist.

According to a WEF insider, the wargame exercise revealed several heretofore unforeseen negative outcomes, such as mass death, as well as positive outcomes, such as mass death:

“Basically, everybody dies. We ran the simulation multiple times and changed a large number of variables each time, just to be sure. Whatever way we played it, the coming of the antichrist resulted in mass death on a global scale. We’re talking billions.

“We couldn’t be happier.

“We believe the coming of the antichrist could be the final solution to the issue of overpopulation, which is killing our planet via excess carbon pollution and overuse of dwindling resources.”

The simulation reinforced the need for a strengthening of global governance:

“Global problems require global solutions. Our modelling suggests the best response to the coming of the antichrist would be the establishment of a One World Government, preferably in Babylon, but we’ll take Jerusalem if that’s the best we can do.

“Pleasingly we found that cracking down on hatespeech online, criminalising Christianity and pro-Whote associations, banning fossil fuel use, mandating alternative meat consumption, QR code scans for all purchases via the hand, forehead or retina, and compulsory post-birth abortions for all firstborns produced the best results.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting descended into chaos as Gates, Soros and Schwab all argued over who got to be the antichrist. Witnesses claim it was “the girliest fight they have ever seen.”

Previous simulations carried out by the WEF have proven remarkably prophetic. In this latest simulation the date of the apocalypse was chosen as June 6, 2022. Sources claim rituals are being conducted around the clock and media assets fully mobilised.

By David Hiscox

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