How sterilisation plays a leading role in eugenics programs

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The eugenics-driven scientists of the new world have always sought to control the reproductive capacity of people labelled ‘unfit’ and ‘defective’.

From open forced sterilization policies of the past, to the modernisation of population control today, the grand vision to shape an entire species continues ahead.

The ‘undesirables’. Photo: UNLA


The ideas of modern eugenics would enter the mainstream discourse with the work of Francis Galton, after he suggested that negative traits could be ‘bred out’ of the human species by discouraging reproduction by those considered ‘inferior’.

Galton founded the field that became known as psychometrics, the measurement of psychological faculties, such as intelligence. One of Galton’s most famous works is Hereditary Genius (1870), in which he argues “each generation has enormous power over the natural gifts of those that follow.”

If people would only direct a fraction of the time they spend on improving on cattle to the human race, he lamented, “what a galaxy of genius might we not create!”

Galton credited reading his cousin, Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859), about the theory of natural selection with initiating him into an entirely new province of knowledge,” paving the way for his studies of inheritance.

On the Origin of Eugenics: Evolution Hoax

In 1884, Galton set up an Anthropometric Laboratory at the International Health Exhibition in London. There, he collected data on the physical characteristics and abilities of visiting members of the public. They paid to be measured, and he provided them with a copy of their data.

He believed that such data could be used to compare individuals across different places of origin, residences, occupations, races and so on.

It was Galton who coined the term eugenics, from the Greek for “good stock.” He argued that the tendency of successful families to have few children relatively late in life was “dysgenic,” or ‘bad for the stock’, while ‘capable’ people should be given incentive to marry early and have many children.

Galton thought he had discovered principles that would enhance human life, and he also spoke against what he regarded as “unreasonable” opposition to “the extinction of an inferior race.”

He himself had been born in 1822 into a prominent British family. He was a grandson of Erasmus Darwin, a physician, scientist and prominent abolitionist.

Importantly, his family included multiple fellows of The Royal Society.

Eugenics policies encouraged the most valued people to procreate in large numbers, while also aiming to prevent reproduction by those considered to be less fit.

These ideas, born from the work of Huxley and Darwin, laid the groundwork for forced sterilization laws, ‘racial hygiene’ programs, ‘fitter family’ contests, the normalisation of birth control and more.

As the influence of scientism grew, many U.S. states began enacting forced sterilization laws.

A Supreme Court ruling declared that “three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

Sterilization would become a driving factor behind all eugenics programs we see to this day.

The plan to re-engineer an entire species was now accepted mainstream ‘science’.

From this point, it was off to the races for the forces behind this plan.


At the turn of the 20th century, eugenicists began applying these emerging theories of biology and genetics to human breeding in society.

Elites with strong biases about who was ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’ embraced eugenics, believing society would be improved by increased selective breeding, in favour of those with ‘high IQs’.

Indiana passed the world’s first sterilization law in 1907. Thirty-one states followed suit with a variety of state-sanctioned sterilization programs.

More than 70,000 people were recorded to be sterilized in 32 U.S. states during the 20th century, based on this ‘science’ of playing God with human populations.

The victims of state-mandated sterilization included people who had been labelled “mentally deficient”, as well as those who who were deaf, blind and diseased. Minorities, poor people and promiscuous women were often targeted.

An old map of the United States showing the status of state eugenics laws in 1913. About half the states either have laws or are in the process of creating them.
By 1913, many states had or were on their way to having eugenic sterilization laws. Photo: Boston Medical Library


Anyone who did not fit the new mould of ‘perfection’ became targets of eugenics programs.

Over 35,000 sterilization stories are reconstructed the Sterilization and Social Justice Lab — an interdisciplinary team which explores the history of eugenics in the U.S. using data and stories.

The team has uncovered some remarkable trends in eugenic sterilization.

At first, sterilization programs targeted white men, expanding by the 1920s to affect the same number of women as men. Eventually, it included most immigrants, Blacks, Indigenous people, poor whites and people with disabilities, as classes of ‘undesirables’ that should be sterilized.

The laws used broad and ever-changing disability labels like “feeblemindedness” and “mental defective.”

Women and people of colour increasingly became targets that could not defend themselves, as eugenics amplified real forms sexism and racism. Perhaps class-ism is a better term to describe.

In North Carolina, which sterilized the third highest number of people in the United States – 7,600 people from 1929 to 1973 – women were disproportionately sterilized.

More than 100,000 Black, Latino and Indigenous women were affected across the continent.

This pattern reflected the ideas that ‘feeble minded’ women were not capable of being good parents and poverty should be managed with reproductive constraint.

The many forms of ‘undesirables’ — those who the elites determine are ‘not fit’ to breed — were targeted without the blink of an eye. This is the foundation that ‘science’ is based upon.

It goes right to the heart of the dehumanization agenda.


Position of privilege influence both the willingness to classify humankind into groups and their sense of what counted as ‘good stock’, versus what sort of person belonged to an ‘inferior race’.

The essence (or acceptance) of transhumanism is the result of the disconnection from human spirit.

Eugenicists, during the ‘revolution of enlightenment’, now saw themselves as the masters of fate.

To understand the depths of the agenda today, we must first understand how the mentality of the population controllers and their mode of thinking. Their lack of connection to the ‘stock’ itself.

In August 1964, the North Carolina Eugenics Board met to decide if a 20-year-old Black woman should be sterilized. Because her name was redacted from the records, we call her Martha.

She was a single mother with one child who lived at the segregated O’Berry Center for African American adults with intellectual disabilities in Goldsboro. According to the North Carolina Eugenics Board, Bertha had an IQ of 62 and exhibited “aggressive behaviour and sexual promiscuity.”

She had been orphaned as a child and had a limited education. Likely because of her ‘low IQ score’, the board determined she was not capable of rehabilitation.

Instead, the board recommended the “protection of sterilization” for Martha, because she was “feebleminded” and deemed unable to “assume responsibility for herself” or her child. Without her input, Martha’s guardian signed the sterilization form.

A 1950s era pamphlet that reads: The average feebleminded parent cannot be expected to provide good heredity, a normal home, intelligent care - to say nothing of the many other things needed to bring up children successfully.
A pamphlet extolling the benefit of selective sterilization, 1950. North Carolina State Documents Collection

Martha is just one example of tens of thousands of state-sanctioned sterilizations.

Many felt shame and shrouded these experiences in secrecy, not even telling their closest relatives and friends. Others took to the streets and filed law suits to protest forced sterilization.

The powerful documentary No Más Bebés tells the story of hundreds of Mexican American women coerced into tubal ligations at a county hospital in Los Angeles in the 1970s.

One of them, who became a plaintiff in a case against the hospital, reflecting back decades later said her experience “makes me want to cry.”

This is the reality of the eugenics agenda. An agenda that believes ‘the ends justifies the means’.

These dark thoughts began to sweep the entire world during the same time period.

Australia also became large proponents of the eugenics concepts circulating in mainstream science.


An underworld of Melbourne Eugenicists rose from the ashes during the early 20th century, and along with some important political influences, brought about a period mostly forgotten throughout the span of Australian history. A similar push for perfection witnessed overseas.

When discussing Eugenics in Australia, the first person that comes to mind is Richard Berry.

Berry was a Professor of Anatomy at Melbourne University from 1903 to 1929, and his worked was based around measuring people’s heads in pursuit of a theory that a small head indicated that a person had low intelligence.

Berry favoured the establishment of a ”lethal chamber” to euthanise what he called ”the grosser types of our mental defectives”.

He began working frantically with others to bring the ideas of Eugenics to the public eye, and started gaining momentum amongst various government agencies and committees as a result.

The Eugenics Society of Victoria was founded in 1936.

This significant push would lead to an attempt to legalise Eugenics in the form of three Mental Deficiency Bills that were presented to Parliament in 1926, 1929 and 1939 by Premier Stanley Argyle, a man who has close relations to Berry.

The bills would target slum dwellers, homosexuals, prostitutes, alcoholics, as well as those with small heads and with low IQs, in an attempt to institutionalise and potentially sterilise people who fell under these categories. The Aboriginal population was also seen to fall within this group.

State parliaments and various groups (pictures below) were inspired to also institute such legislation and create similar groups, after Berry travelled delivering lectures in many town halls.


Eugenics in Australia continued during the 1920s, as Royal Commissions gave birth to a range of eugenic reforms including measures relating to child endowment, marriage laws and pensions.

Furthermore, a national survey of mental deficiency was introduced by the Federal Minister for Health, Sir Neville Howse in 1928.

Eugenics was snuck into Victorian High Schools by the first Director of Education, Frank Tate. Tate was a close friend of Berry, and strongly supported his research on head size and, on occasions, introduced his public lectures.

The Eugenics Societies of Victoria and NSW continued operating until 1961, before ‘fading out’ as new ideas of equality began rising across the world.

This was no ‘coincidence’. This was a calculated move by the eugenics cult to stay alive once the horrors of their ideas were seen in the public eye for the first time.


The United States was undoubtedly the international leader in eugenics at the time.

Their sterilization laws actually informed Nazi Germany. The Third Reich’s 1933 Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases.. was modelled on laws in Indiana and California.

Under this law, the Nazis sterilized approximately 400,000 children and adults.

This is outside of the ‘muh six million’ hoax. Part of that false narrative was driven by the fact Zionist didn’t like that their own tactics of eugenics were being used against them now.

However, after the Nazi program gained so much backlash from the public during World War II, the acceptance of eugenics began to change in the public’s eye.

People, for the first time, began to see the consequences of population control programs.

It was time for a change. It was time to re-invent. It was time to go underground (masked).

Julian Huxley, the grandson of Thomas Huxley and brother of Aldous Huxley (author of Brave New World) would make significant contributions to the movement to ensure it would continue into new social movements for many decades to come.

During the 1950s, Huxley would re-define eugenics as ‘socially progressive’, with linkages to the newly formed and comprehensive welfare states that offered ‘solutions’ to poverty and disease.

He would later adeptly associate modern eugenics with a range of reformist movements before his death, such as the popularisation of birth control, the decriminalisation of homosexuality and abortion law reform — coining the term “eugenic modernisation”.

The Rockefeller Foundation heavily financed the modern eugenics movement and think-tanks such as the Tavistock Institute would give birth to many influential individuals and ‘social’ organisations.

The aim now? Let them do it to themselves.

By morphing the minds of millions, coupled with the introductions of heavy toxins into most of society (food, water, plastics, vaccines, etc), the undesirables will breed themselves out ‘voluntarily’.

The eugenics movement didn’t end with the Nazis — they simply transformed.

Planned Parenthood, for example, was built on population control schemes — allied with the same groups who wanted genetic hierarchy laws to ‘preserve’ humanity and who sought to ‘beautify’ countries by stopping the “unfit” from reproducing.

Bill Gates Snr. served on the board of Planned Parenthood during the group’s infancy — a re-branded organisation birthed out of the American Eugenics Society.

Huxley would make significant contributions to the organisations and Gates admired the efforts of Julian to modernise eugenics.

Today, his son Bill Gates Jnr. is at the forefront of the final phase of this ultimate plan.

Through laboratories that produce children, drugs that control the mind, and harmful toxins that attack millions, technology is now being used as a dehumanising force to alter humanity.


A Huxlian eugenics vision has been at work for centuries, and through a combination of social and chemical engineering, the Epsilon class of Brave New World will soon become reality.

But how is this being achieved today?

Let us briefly take a look at how the eugenics operation continues.

Sterilizations never left!

The first important thing to note is the fact that, despite backlash from Nazi hygiene programs and the modernisation of eugenics, sterilization policies still continue to this day.

There are still many parts of society where it is acceptable to treat people as sub-human.

In the years between 1997 and 2010, unwanted sterilizations were performed on approximately 1,400 women in California prisons. These operations were based on the same rationale of bad parenting and undesirable genes evident in North Carolina in 1964.

The doctor performing the sterilizations told a reporter the operations were cost-saving measures.

Romani women have been sterilized unwillingly in the Czech Republic as recently as 2007.

In northern China, Uighurs, a religious and racial minority group, have been subjected to mass sterilization and other measures of extreme population control.

All forced sterilization campaigns, regardless of their time or place, have one thing in common.

They involve dehumanizing a particular subset of the population deemed less worthy of reproduction and family formation. They merge perceptions of disability with racism, xenophobia and sexism — resulting in the disproportionate sterilization of minority groups.

This is why Bill Gates and Co have been so concerned with third-world populations for many years now. Unlike the operation conducted in the West, open forms of eugenics are still present here.

They can still get away with it here.

However, in the West, the scientific rogues approach their plans from a different perspective.

Here, ‘humane’ sterilization of the masses is being carried out through a bombardment of modern constructs, from technology, to food and water, to the very air we breathe.

The Epsilon Agenda

The ‘ultimate revolution’ is now nearing completion.

In the modern world, humanity has slowly become less fertile and increasingly biologically altered by many chemicals in society. This is happening right under the noses of victims.

By way of ultrasound, hospital birth, formula ‘milk’, vaccinations, and processed ‘baby food’ (among other things), the typical young child today is physiologically retarded — significantly so.

By way of school, television and, more recently, the internet, the typical young child today is mentally and psychologically retarded – significantly so.

Operation COVAX is the slow-breeding, inter-generational creation of an Epsilon Class.

Increases in chronic illness and staggering infertility rates will remain the result of whatever their scientific priests tell them, while masses are dehumanized, sterilised and sick for generations.

The future slave class will be the designer babies created via IVF and other birthing technologies.

Just like Brave New World describes.

This has always been the agenda, as we can clearly see.

This may be confronting information, yes. But the ability to clearly see the plan in motion is vital.

Knowledge is power. Understanding the past helps better project the path of the future.

By understanding those who wish to play god with the masses, you can use your actual god-given free will to choose not to follow these false idols to the slaughter.

By Ethan Nash


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