India Changes Name To ‘Aspen’ To Enable Australian Citizens To Fly Home

australia May 5, 2021

Australians stranded in India will now be able to return home, after the Asian nation temporarily changed its official name to ‘Aspen, Colorado’. Those returning from ‘Aspen’ will not be required to quarantine.

“When there’s a humanitarian crisis, we like to try and help out where we can,” a spokesperson for the Aspen Government said. “We realise the word ‘India’ is a little confronting for some Australians, so we changed it to the name of a more palatable COVID disaster zone”.

Some Australian-Indians are not taking any chances, choosing to also change their own names to help smooth the process at Australian airports. ‘Kerry Stokes’, formally Ishaan Patel, told immigration officials he is looking forward to returning to his job as a ‘French au pair’ in Brisbane. “They organised a limo for me from the airport”.

Rahul Chakrabarti, who now goes by the name ‘Novak Djokovic’, said he also had no issues passing through immigration. “They waved me through, no problems”.

By The Shovel


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