Media Admits People Who Get COVID Will 'Probably Make Antibodies For A Lifetime'

convid May 30, 2021

The media is finally admitting after 15 months of spreading wild hysteria and misinformation that people who catch the coronavirus are probably immune for years if not for life, at least for similar strains.

"Had COVID? You'll probably make antibodies for a lifetime," reads a headline from Nature published Wednesday.

From Nature:

and up to eleven months after infection, the researchers could still detect antibodies that recognized the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

How many epidemiologists and others were called "conspiracy theorists" and banned from the internet for saying this over a year ago?

Here's a look back at some of the media's hysteria:

This trash was published on April 30, 2021:

Researchers from the Dresden University of Technology released a preprint study last week finding that so-called "Long Covid" symptoms are just as prevalent in adolescents who recovered from Covid as adolescents who never even caught Covid.

Mental Health of Adolescents in the Pandemic: Long-COVID-19 or Long-Pandemic Syndrome?

1560 students with a median age of 15 years participated in this study. 1365 (88%) were seronegative, 188 (12%) were seropositive. Each symptom was present in at least 35% of the students within the last seven days before the survey. However, there was no statistical difference comparing the reported symptoms between seropositive students and seronegative students.

Are we going to have to wait another 15 months before the media admit it's not a good idea to vaccinate people who've already caught the virus?

Plenty of people who got the vaccine are still catching Covid and plenty of people who caught Covid are still taking the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the historically known risks of vaccine enhancement and vaccine-induced viral mutations are not only being ignored but if you voice such concerns on social media you can be censored and banned.

Big Tech are simply making these rules up as they go "in consultation with public health experts" and seemingly US intelligence agencies, according to a report from AP.

On Thursday, Facebook came out and announced they'll no longer be banning people and removing claims that Covid was manufactured in a lab "in light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts."

"Facebook's reversal comes as President Joe Biden ordered U.S. intelligence officials to 'redouble' their efforts to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, including any possibility the trail might lead to a Chinese laboratory," the AP reported.

What was once a bannable offense is now being encouraged as the Biden regime has decided to shift from blaming the whole Covid debacle on Trump to blaming it all on China.

As a reminder, scientists found Covid-19 antibodies in blood samples from Italy going all the way back to September 2019.

How long will we have to wait before Big Tech get enough "new studies" and have enough "consultations with public health experts" to determine that it's OK to tell people that healthy living, healthy eating and getting a proper amount of Vitamin D helps prevent respiratory viruses?

Will they ever admit it, or are they going to keep insisting forever that health and wellness can only come out of the end of a needle?

By Chris Menahan


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