Chantal Jasmine-Fox flips out in Canberra

Onlyfans slurry flips out in Canberra

australia Feb 14, 2022

A woman who mounted a car with her 4WD after a heated argument about protests is using her newfound fame to spruik her OnlyFans account.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox who “accidentally” mounted a car with her 4WD after a fiery argument about protests has used her newfound fame to spruik her OnlyFans account.

Chantal Jasmine-Fox, 26, was issued a fine for negligent driving on Sunday afternoon following the road rage clash in Canberra on Saturday morning.

Moments before slamming into the vehicle and crushing its bonnet, she was filmed in an foul-mouthed screaming match with a group of protesters at a traffic light.

“What are you doing you f**king bogan slut, get the f**k out of Canberra and go get a job and find something better to do,” Ms Jasmine-Fox shouted at the woman filming her.

She outed herself on Sunday after footage of the interaction went viral, writing on social media: “parked my car on an anti-vaxxer”.

Chantal Jasmine-Fox has been the target of vile abuse. Picture: Instagram.
Since the crash Chantal-Jasmine Fox has spruiked her OnlyFans. Picture: Instagram.

After writing the post she was inundated with abuse on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

I hope Chantal does kill herself,” one woman wrote.

You’re a scumbag mate,” another said.

In addition to the death threats, others linked Chantal’s mother’s social media and urged other people to “let her know what a fine daughter she raised”.

The 26-year-old responded to the abuse in a since-deleted Instagram post.

If you’d like to insult, degrade, belittle, condemn or attack me, please do so on an appropriate platform,” she said.

I will also be donating 50 per cent of funds from this chaos to lifeline and some personal small businesses who have been impacted by this movement lately.”

She then provided a link to her OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is the social platform revolutionizing creator and fan connections. The site is inclusive of artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fanbase.
Chantal Jasmine-Fox's Onlyfans account, @lil_miss_fox

The account is free to subscribe but users must pay for various sexually explicit videos and photos.

Ms Jasmine-Fox was praised by some parts of the community.

Worthy of Australia of the year nom (nomination),” one person wrote.

I support you, will you marry me,” another added.

We love your work,” another person said.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox on Twitter

The clash came as thousands of protesters stormed Canberra to rally against vaccine mandates.

Up to 10,000 of the group were told by ACT police on Saturday they needed to move on within the next 24-hours.

Ms Jasmine-Fox was reportedly seen driving around Canberra arguing with protesters before the bizarre run-in.

The scenario was filmed by a woman known only as Emma.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox’s mounted the car with her black 4WD (right) after a heated argument

By Mitchell Van Homrigh


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OnlyFans slurry Chantal-Jasmine Fox explains viral Canberra crash

A Canberra chef and OnlyFans model who clashed with anti-vax protesters in a now-viral video has explained how it all happened.

Chef and OnlyFans model Chantal-Jasmine Fox admits she’s “a bad driver”, but she never imagined a driving act combined with her firey temper would see her blasted into media headlines and copping online abuse.

The 26-year-old Canberra woman was filmed in a foul-mouthed argument with anti-vaccinations protesters last month, which immediately went viral.

In the video Ms Fox was seen in a traffic dispute with another woman before ending up with her car mounting the other woman’s.

Now, she has revealed what led to the widely shared dispute, and the dramatic consequences that followed.

The viral traffic accident took place on a Saturday when thousands of protesters had descended on the capital, marching on federal parliament and camping in grounds nearby to complain about the government’s Covid-19 regulations.

The disruption saw a Lifeline fundraiser cancelled and local businesses were bobarded with damaging online reviews if they refused entry to unmasked patrons.

Ms Fox told there had been a feeling of tension in Canberra that day.

“Initially it wasn’t too much of a hassle. But towards the end, things were strating to get tense. There was this sense of pressure,” she said.

Footage of Chantal-Jasmine Fox’s tirade has been viewed more than a million times.
Chantal-Jasmine Fox did not expect her car to mount the other.

“More people were around, roads were shut – it put a lot of pressure on the amenities and local businesses.”

That pressure reached boiling point for Ms Fox when, she said, she was driving and got stuck behind cars filled with protesters.

She said a car in front of her had been driving around slowly and purposely stopping at green lights.

She said she started honking her horn at the car in front until a pair of women got out of the vehicle and started filming her, capturing the video that would soon be all over news sites and bulletins.

The women all screamed at each with Ms Fox hurling abuse at the women.

“What are you doing you f***ing bogan slut, get the f**k out of Canberra and go get a job and find something better to do,” she said at the time.

The tirade continued before Ms Fox attempted to pull away from the car in front of her, but instead ended up with her vehicle on top it.

“For the record, I’m a bad driver,” she told

“I was trying to get by her car and I kind of hit it. I had no idea that it would mount the car.”

She has been inundated with calls and messages.

Ms Fox said she slipped out of the driver’s side window and clambered off the woman’s bonnet before another argument began.

“By this point there were probably like eight or 10 people around us at this stage. A few protesters and then a few people who were on my side,” she said.

“One of the things that were most infuriating was that everyone was filming. No one called the police – finally someone did.

“When the police got there they did breath tests, took our stories. Really just did their job.”

The arrival of police mellowed the situation and they issued Ms Fox a fine for negligent driving.

The car she was driving — her mother’s — was pulled off the other vehicle and she was able to drive home.

“My mum wasn’t super surprised. As I’ve said – I’m a bad driver, I’ve been in accidents. She told me I wasn’t allowed to drive her car and a few other things,” she said.

Backlash begins

On the Saturday afternoon, Ms Fox still was unaware she was about to be catapulted in front of millions of people through their computers and smartphones.

She got the first idea of what was to come on Sunday morning.

Ms Fox had started getting random people sending her the video asking if it was her. The video was then shared on a local Canberra Facebook group where it caught fire and began to be widely shared.

It was picked up by mainstream news outlets and also by the anti-vaxxer movement on social media.

Ms Fox initially owned the attention, commenting on posts about it and in one instance boasting she had “parked my car on an anti-vaxxer”.

Ms Fox was able to drive away from the crash. Picture: Supplied.

After it was shared among anti-vax groups and on platforms like Telegram, hundreds of messages started rolling into her Facebook and Instagram pages.

She was called a “dumb sl*t”, a “bogan” and “crazy”.

By Sunday afternoon she could barely use her phone because of the volume of messages hitting her inbox.

“Look, I had an idea that I may get some abuse. They had been filming the whole thing,” she said. “Two of my old employers contacted me and told me that they had been receiving threats – and people were asking them to fire me.

“The worst thing was getting messages from people I knew, old friends.”

At one point, almost a week after the incident she went to the local police station to complain about a particular person abusing her online.

Her mobile phone number was leaked, and some protesters suggested on Facebook they should find Ms Fox’s mother and “let her know” about her daughter.

OnlyFans offer: ‘$5 if they want to abuse me’

At this point, she hit back on social media, publishing a post saying if critics wanted to contact her they can do so through her OnlyFans where she sells explicit images and videos.

“I wanted to do some proactive. I figured if they found my address and phone number they would find my nudes too,” she said.

“I asked them to pay me $5 if they wanted to abuse me. No one yet.”

Explicit photos of her were shared without her consent online but she shrugged this off saying she understood this may happen by selling them on the internet.

“I ended up using my OnlyFans to raise money for Lifeline. The protesters had shut down their book fair so I wanted to help,” she said.

She donated $1000 to the charity and said there’s been a spike in her subscribers on OnlyFans since she went viral.

“I’ve actually had people pay for me to scream at them like in the video,” she said.

When speaking to earlier this week she said it had been the longest she had gone since the event without receiving a phone call – about 12 hours.

When asked to sum up the whole experience, she said it was largely ironic.

“I told my friends that was my word of the week. Like, these people want others to care about their views but they don’t care about anyone else’s views,” she said.

“If they wanted me to be apologetic and sorry – doxxing me was not the way to do it.”

By Mitchell Van Homrigh


Lil Miss Fox buys convertible with OnlyFans money after going viral

Things seem a bit more premeditated now, with perhaps a third party financier involved

Lil Miss Fox texts and drives after receiving fine for negligent driving.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox, Australian-Canadian chef who ran over Canberra protestors, buys new car with OnlyFans money after going viral for incident.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox, better known as the unhinged Canadian-Australian woman from Canberra who ran over and wrote-off a Freedom Convoy protestor’s car, has earned enough money on her “Lil Miss Fox” OnlyFans account to buy a new convertible car.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox assaulted a woman who was attending the Freedom Convoy in Canberra late last month. Video footage showed the furious woman ram into the backend of a car deliberately.

The protestor got out off her vehicle and filmed the encounter which showed an outraged Canberra woman try to blame the protestor for reversing into her. However, the unhinged driver who we now know is OnlyFans model and chef called Chantal-Jasmine Fox, showed her true colours when she said she was sick of the “anti-vax protestors” and continued to make threats against her.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox, aka lil_miss_fox, mocks protestors with new car via IG: @fantastic_miss_foxx
“You f*cking bogan sl*t, get out off Canberra […] Nobody wants you here,” Chantal-Jasmine Fox screamed at the bystander.

Miss Fox assumed that the woman was apart of the Freedom Convoy because she had two Red Australian Ensign flags on the back off her vehicle. In another video Miss Fox can be seen ripping the flags off the back of the protestor’s vehicle and swinging violently at other protestors in the area.

Fox later rammed her four-wheel-drive vehicle into the protestor’s car which resulted in her two front wheels going on top of the bonnet and crushing the vehicle, rendering it totalled.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox brags about running over protestor on her @Fantastic_Miss_Foxx Instagram page.

“Oops. Look at that. You got to call a tow truck,” Miss Fox mocked the protestor.

The entire exchange was filmed and uploaded to social media, and the identity of the unhinged Canberra woman was discovered by people who searched her license plate.

As it turns out the unhinged Canberra woman was part-time chef who earned a little on the side selling adult content on her “lil_miss_fox” OnlyFans account.

When people found her Instagram, she quickly took advantage of the situation and promoted her OnlyFans. A lot of people called her a hero for her actions and supported her by subscribing her account. Since then then Chantal-Jasmine Fox has become one of the top adult stars on the platform and earns many thousand dollars a day.

Miss Fox uploaded a picture mocking “anti-vaxer” while thanking them for making her famous enough to be able to quit her job and be able to purchase a brand new convertible with her OnlyFans money.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox driving while on phone after receiving traffic infringement for “negligent driving.”

The car appears to be a classic 1994 Ford Capri convertible valued at approximately AUD$15,000. She posted a video showing off her new ride on “Fantastic Miss Foxx” Instagram page.

The OnlyFans video clearly shows Chantal-Jasmine Fox violating ACT driving laws by using her phone and filming while driving her car.

However, despite receiving a small fine and gaining a few demerit points for “negligent driving” by the Canberra Police Department, Miss Fox is still allowed on the roads.

By Shawna Masiello


OnlyFans model earns thousands after running over Canberra protestors

"Nobody wants you here," a Canadian s*x worker says to Australian tradies.

Unhinged Canberra local Chantal-Jasmine Fox earns thousand of OnlyFans (lil_miss_fox) after trying to run down anti-mandate protestors in Canberra.

Unhinged OnlyFans model and chef, Chantal-Jasmine Fox, has been branded as the “queen of Canberra” and has earned tens of thousands of dollars after going viral for trying to run over anti-mandate protestors. Police charged her for “negligent driving.”

The Canadian born chef known legally asChantal-Jasmine Fox went viral after she deliberately rear-ended a car stopped at a red light that displayed the Australian flag and freedom ensign in the back window.

When confronted by the owner of the car, Ms Fox lashed out at her, screaming, “you f*cking bogan sl*t, get out off Canberra […] Nobody wants you here.”

The 20-something year old Canberra chef and OnlyFans model, born in Kelowna — British Columbia, proceeded to insult and mock the protestor saying that she could get away with assault because the media didn’t care about the protestors, and she’s right.

The media has been deadly silent on the anti-mandate protest, and even independent media has confirmed that there are approximately fifty-thousand Australians peacefully protesting at the nation’s capital.

Chantal Fox promoted her OnlyFans on her Instagram @fantastic_miss_foxx

Profiteering of tragedy: More jobs have been lost and businesses have been closed as a result of lockdowns and restrictions. The anti-mandate protest has not impacted any businesses, big or small.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox drove up beside the woman and assaulted her with her car door before deliberately driving into the vehicle, ending up on top of the car’s bonnet, totalling it.

“Oops. Look at that. You got to call a tow truck,” Miss Fox mocked the protestor.

Another video shows the unhinged Canadian born Canberra chef and OnlyFans model storm out off her car and rip off two Australian Red Ensigns from the victim’s car before trying to attack fellow protestors.

“Nobody wants you hear,” Chantal-Jasmine Fox screams at shocked protestors while waiving around the Australian Red Ensigns. She then singles out a young blond lady and says she looks like a prostitute… which is ironic.

After the video of her vehicular assault went viral, Chantal Fox used it to promote her OnlyFans, claiming that half of the money she earned from the platform would go to the Lifeline charity, while admitting that she’d use the rest to pay for cat food and drugs.

Thousands of new fans have followed and subscribed to her OnlyFans account (lil_miss_fox) and contributed large amounts money and praised her for her violent encounter with anti-mandate protestors.

The ACT police department confirmed that Chantal-Jasmine Moana-Rose Fox will not be charged for vehicular assault or damaged and stolen property but she has received a small fine for “negligent driving.”

Negligent, or dangerous, driving comes with a maximum fine of AUD$3,300 and a prison sentence of 18-months for a first offense.

Additionally, the victim of Chantal-Jasmine Moana-Rose Fox’s road rage had to pay for her own vehicle to be towed after being totalled by “lil_miss_fox aka fantastic_miss_foxx.”

By Shawna Masiello

Onlyfans slurry flips out in Canberra
Onlyfans slurry flips out in Canberra A woman who mounted a car with her 4WD after a heated argument about protests is using her newfound fame to spruik her...
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