Police arrest three people in Canberra as convoy protests continue for third day

act Feb 2, 2022

Multiple people have been capsicum-sprayed and arrested outside the National Library in Canberra, as police sought to clear the lawn of protesters.

We entered Day 3 of the Convoy to Canberra campaign today, in which police and protesters have clashed and three people have been arrested, after the force moved in on the peaceful sitting.

About 4:00pm, police officers – who had been patrolling the area all day – went to the campsite at the National Library of Australia in Canberra’s parliamentary zone, to provide written information to demonstrators that they were parking and camping illegally, and might be fined if they remained.

A commotion caused capsicum spray to come out, with violent scenes unfolding largely due to the antagonising by police of the group after being told they were unfairly targeting the protesters with the search.

ACT Police say one woman had been charged with assaulting a police officer, and two men who reportedly interfered with the woman’s arrest will both be charged with obstructing police.


Footage can be seen of two officers giving each other a ‘cheers’ with capsicum spray cans after pulling them out on the demonstrators in their retreat from the area.

The majority of the group remained peaceful at all times.

As can be seen in this video of those arrested being taken away, the Australian Federal Police appear to be present on the ground with the ACT Police.

One elderly man was injured by police during the altercation in the park.

What has been described as “the womb of new Australia” continue to grow, while police look to be finding ways to stop this campaign before it gathers more steam.


Until this point, things had remained peaceful at the campsite, which has now begun to settle in.

Police had been doing multiple walkthroughs of the Canberra campsite since early in the morning.

They said the would return every hour for a patrol, and did so, until the commotion occured.

Before doing this, forces erected barricades to the front of Parliament House and also attempted to block the entrance to the main park where protesters are staying.

Despite mainstream media reports, a contingent still remains in the area and say they will continue their occupy actions, with further waves of convoys expected to arrive in the area.

By TOTT News

Convoy to Canberra
Aussies burning rubber for freedom! No swearing, bullying or discrimination or explicit content please! Offenders will be blocked. Unity is the key to our success! I8+ Content
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Canberra locals slam convoy protesters

Who tried to storm Parliament House while empty

  • Protesters who tried to storm Parliament House in Canberra mocked online
  • Converged on nation's capital as part of 'Convoy to Canberra' demonstration
  • Didn't realise Parliament House would be empty as it was a non-sitting week

A large convoy of anti-vax protesters who stormed Parliament House while it was deserted have been roasted online.

Hundreds of protesters from all around the country converged in the nation's capital on Monday to participate in the 'Convoy to Canberra' demonstration.

The event was inspired by scenes from the other side of the world from the weekend, where 50,000 truckers travelled to the Canadian capital of Ottawa to demonstrate against Covid-19 vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

Protesters arrived at Parliament House, not realising many politicians wouldn't be around to hear their message as it was a non-sitting week.

Anti-vax protesters who demonstrated outside Parliament House this week have been mocked for not doing their research

Sitting of Parliament doesn't resume until next week.

On Tuesday, ACT Labor MLA Michael Michael Pettersson shared footage of the raucous crowd trying to storm the virtually empty building but are greeted by a heavy security presence.

Footage inside the deserted building shows barely a soul in sight, a far different story to the chaotic scenes outside.

The footage has already attracted more than 140,000 views within 24 hours.

'You can tell they're not from Canberra because every Canberran knows when it's a sitting week,' Mr Pettersson captioned the footage on TikTok.

'They came all the way to parliament to protest but it looks like they didn't do their research.'

Protesters were slammed in the hundreds of comments for not doing their research.

'Imagine being the guards laughing , knowing nobody's inside,' one viewer commented.

Canberrans commented on how easy to tell when it's parliament sitting week.

'Hotels full, restaurants booked out, traffic is worse and filled with comm cars,' Mr Pettersson commented.

Protestors tried to storm an empty Parliament House (pictured) in Canberra this week
Protestors tried to storm an empty Parliament House (pictured) in Canberra this week

Other viewers mocked the protesters.

'When you turn up at the club too early,' one viewer joked.

Another added: 'This is the funniest thing that has happened in Canberra.'

But many also came to the defence of the protesters and commended them on continuing the fight against vaccine mandates.

The protesters outside Parliament House (pictured) were a week too early

'It doesn't matter if parliament wasn't in. It was about making a statement,' one woman argued.

Another added: Those who stand up and fight for their freedom will always have my respect.'

Mr Pettersson had a final message for the protesters.

'I hope they enjoy their stay. Canberra is lovely this time of the year,' he quipped.

This week's protest in Canberra was inspired by similar scenes in Canada on the weekend

By Kylie Stevens


The 100% Totally Organic Convoy to Canberra that Just Happened out of Nowhere Organically

Fossil Fuel interests, conservative commentators and their stooges in politics have sold western nations out to the Russians. As Russia closes in on Ukraine we need to recognize the most imminent threat is domestic.

The vast web of alternative media funded by Oil Money, set up to bolster pro-fossil fuel policies and throw dirt at political opponents, has been used to push a pro Russian agenda while radicalizing thousands of people against their own governments in a geopolitical information war dressed up as a domestic election campaign.

This is my attempt to explore all the connections using everything I have learned in 18 months of research and observation all in one place as a tangential but somewhat coherent narrative, to then give anyone the opportunity to explore any aspect of it further.

This blog already contains all the context on the Australian version of the movement and we have a lot of ground to cover so I am going to speak like you know who they are and what they have been up to. They are just influencers and actually knowing them isn’t important, as you will see the same groups are doing the same things in other countries.

We’l start on a local level and continually move out, exploring the forces behind QAnon and the various threads it evolves in to, following money and connections.

Let’s start from the Convoy.

This is Guru.

After the bushfires in the summer of 2019/20 he decided he’d had enough of this useless government and it was time to Stop the Rot Sack the LOT, so he started a Facebook page.

And he and his ‘legend wife’ Mel do seem like genuinely good people.

On the surface.

As he was starting this page a pandemic was on its way. Safe to say other things got in the way and his page was left to sit there dormant, and it did. For all of 2020.

But Guru had some time at home that year.

Guru went down some rabbit holes.

Turns out the problems with this government run much deeper.

This whole other sinister world had been going on for years behind everyone’s back. Luckily, just as all this information was starting to come out there was some hope, a beacon of light. An orange beacon of light in a wig. But the adrenochrome fueled schemes of the elites took him down and the techno-overlords did all they can to silence anybody trying to speak the truth.

Guru is not standing for it. We have our own problems here, what about the suppression order, the 28?

Trump might not be able to save the world, but maybe the people can save Australia.

The end of 2020 was relatively normal. Maybe we already won this war? But he knows those adrenochrome fueled freemason politicians are just biding their time, waiting to impose another lockdown so they can jerk off over their power and plan the communist takeover they have been slowly implementing for years through things like Medicare, welfare and a minimum wage.

These people are so sick that they harvest the brains of children to feed their adrenochrome addiction. Even though you can buy exactly the same compound straight from a lab supplies company for relatively nothing compared to the price of a childs life and everything that comes with it. That’s how evil these people are.

Then in July 2021 they push the virus button again. He watched the media ramp up the fear propaganda to try and scare everybody about their ‘virus’ that kills nobody and hasn’t even ever been isolated. The audacity of these rapist stone workers, especially after suppressing so many safe and effective treatments over the previous year.

They call this one ‘Delta’. It’s named after a mysterious island in Antarctica.

The people have woken up. They are definitely not woke, that is bad. But they have awakened. Everywhere he goes on the internet it follows him, this shit is everywhere. The problem is, the internet is the only place he can go for a while. So he keeps digging.

About 12 months prior Lizzy Rose had appeared on WeAreChange Melbourne with Jeff O’Toole and blew the whistle on the the hidden underground child smuggling tunnel system that runs across the entire country with entry points in all the government buildings. What happened with that?

Obviously there’s no point even paying attention to legitimate media or things like fact checkers. It’s all just propaganda. Don’t be a sheeple, wake up. You have to do your own research, or at least find other alternative media sources that aren’t owned by the cabal with research you can trust.

This is Dean Ryan. He’s the real deal. He was a producer on InfoWars who also had his own segment. He then moved on to being a producer for John B Wells on Coast to Coast AM and then in 2015 he became a spokesperson for foodrising.org, which was part of NaturalNews.com. A real proven history of legitimate journalism. Nowdays he has his own website, Real Deal Media, which is sponsored by NaturalNews.com.

Dean, along with Sean Stone who was also involved with NaturalNews.com, were 2 of the key conspiratorial voices around things like genetically modified foods, demonizing companies like Monsanto, pushing New Age type philosophy and even linked in with the guys from Ancient Aliens, then meeting up with the other side of the spectrum to the boogieman they call the Illuminati, which later is changed to The Cabal and of course, the New World Order.

Sean Stone went on to become one of the major pushers of the QAnon narrative, being part of this core clique of influencers alongside Sasha Stone (not related), Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward, who not only created this network of localized sects of influencers around the world to spread their QAnon ideology, but then through those same networks they went on to set up these conspiracy theories around Covid-19, 5g, election fraud and the Covid vaccine.

Rather that go off on this tangent I strongly suggest checking out the writing of Hamilton Hume, where he goes into great detail around this network and how they weaponized this QAnon narrative.

Sasha Stone was instrumental in setting up these networks in Australia with group calls at the start of the pandemic including familiar local names such as Pete Evans, Riccardo Bosi, Dave Oneegs and Fanos Panayides, basically handing them the talking points from his Covid-19 white paper for them to go on and spread the theories to their followers. It appears that the linking point between our local influencers and these guys was Max Igan.

But back to Sean Stone, the name might seem vaguely familiar. That is because he is the son of multiple Academy Award winning Director, Producer and Screenwriter Oliver Stone.

On Oliver Stone, from Wikipedia:

Stone achieved prominence as writer and director of the war drama Platoon (1986), which won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture. Platoon was the first in a trilogy of films based on the Vietnam War, in which Stone served as an infantry soldier. He continued the series with Born on the Fourth of July (1989) — for which Stone won his second Best Director Oscar — and Heaven & Earth (1993). Stone’s other works include the Salvadoran Civil War-based drama Salvador (1986); the financial drama Wall Street (1987) and its sequel Money Never Sleeps (2010); the Jim Morrison biographical film The Doors (1991); the satirical black comedy crime film Natural Born Killers (1994); a trilogy of films based on the American Presidency: JFK (1991), Nixon (1995), and W. (2008); and Snowden (2016).

Many of Stone’s films focus on controversial American political issues during the late 20th century, and as such were considered contentious at the times of their releases. They often combine different camera and film formats within a single scene, as demonstrated in JFK (1991), Natural Born Killers (1994), and Nixon (1995).[4]

Like his subject matter, Stone has become a controversial figure in American filmmaking, with critics accusing him of promoting conspiracy theories, and of misrepresenting real-world events and figures in his works.

What I find most curious about Oliver Stones recent work can best be summed up with this screenshot.

So his son Sean Stone is in this group of conspiracy pushers that appear to be behind the cultification of the QAnon narrative. By ‘appear to be’ I mean Sean Stone has literally said that he was behind Q drops. Then as the whole QAnon thing comes to a head all the influencers start to have their accounts shut down and groups closed, including a close affiliate of Scott Morrison known on twitter as burned spy, who for a time was the main QAnon pusher in Australia.

QAnon the name was poisoned, and Q the narrative provider disappeared but the philosophy behind it, stitched together by professional cult-leaders who work under the guise of ‘conspiracy theorists’ like David Ike, Max Igan, Sean Stone and the others mentioned earlier, lived on.

The underlying narrative of QAnon is not particularly creative, it’s basically just every conspiracy theory that has ever had legs all rolled into one. But with the addition of a central hero to the narrative they were able to glue all the storylines together and through mixing this story up with influences from cult folklore the addition of an invisible man on a cloud sending out confusing messages that were only able to be interpreted by a small number of influencers all with their own large following who would interpret the ‘Q Drops’ for their followers turned it into a religious like experience.

Of course, the addition of a lot of biblical type themes and language mixed with new age tropes helped that along, as did the promotion of the ideology through Evangelical and Pentecostal media networks.

If you reflect on the stuff I have covered here previously it’s not hard to see how the same kind of thing if done properly and over a longer period of time can lead to this. This was particularly effective because it catered to the fringes of both sides of politics.

You have your right wing conspiracy stuff pushed by people like Alex Jones which has been going strong for years warning of the communist Freemasons behind such things as the U.N, climate science, discrimination, healthcare, minimum wage and a whole bunch of other stuff that would potentially see oil barons lose profits. It’s not hard to see a very pro-Trump conspiracy theory coming out of InfoWars with or without Alex Jones being joined by Roger Stone, Trumps campaign manager, during the election race.

I presume the Russian visa is real but who knows, the Tweet is real though.

But the other side of the conspiracy spectrum came through things like the show Ancient Aliens, the movie Thrive, the streaming platform Gaia plus many podcasts and alt media websites where people could learn all about the evils of genetically modified foods and Monsanto. A central hub of this genre of conspiracy was NaturalNews.com.

From Wikipedia:

The website sells various dietary supplements, promotes alternative medicine and climate change denial, makes tendentious nutrition and health claims,[7] disseminates fake news,[8][9][10][11][12] and espouses various conspiracy theories and pro-Donald Trump propaganda.[13][14] These conspiracy theories include chemophobic claims about the purported dangers of “chemtrails”,[1] fluoridated drinking water,[15] anti-perspirants, laundry detergent, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, and vaccines.[1][7][16] It has also spread conspiracy theories about the Zika virus allegedly being spread by genetically modified mosquitoes[17] and purported adverse effects of genetically modified crops, as well as the farming practices associated with and foods derived from them.[18]

this is what it looks like today

Both Sean Stone and Dean Ryan were working together for this website. I was listening to some old podcast appearances by Dean Ryan to get an idea of where he comes from and heard him mention that he is working with Sean Stone for NaturalNews, so naturally I kept digging and found episodes of the same podcast with them appearing together. If you know anything about QAnon or any of the threads running through this Convoy protest and doubt anything I'm saying here, have a listen to this podcast featuring Dean Ryan and Sean Stone back in 2015 and you’l hear to whole narrative of QAnon laid out without Q.

Sean Stone and Dean Ryan talk with TRUTH BE TOLD (ISIS and Illumanti)

Famed On Air Personalities Tony Sweet and Eddie Conner along with their guest co-host Multiple Emmy Winning Journalist…


So looking at that through the lens of the clip I linked earlier where Sean Stone admits to writing Q drops and you can see how these professional narrative seeders were able to stitch together such an elaborate storyline.

Sean Stone basically created a prequal to the QAnon narrative in a book that was released 4 days before the 2016 election called The New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism. Very curiously coupled with the release of a documentary he made titled: Century of War: What happened to America’s ideal of progress?, which was released through the network that Stone co-hosted a program on at the time, RT. Formerly known as Russia Today. Then when mixed in with the political campaigners behind Pizzagate, people like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn as well as Peter Thiel and their group MAGA 3X, this narrative of various prominent conspiracy theories was able to be politicized. On top of that, add in to the mix Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer and their company Cambridge Analytica with their flipped counter-terrorism operation (also known as terrorism) and you’ve got a pretty damn potent and professional outfit to run a full blown insurgency in the form of an election campaign.

So there’s a quick overview on the origins of QAnon, I direct you to the writing of Hamilton Hume on the subject to learn more details.

Fast forward to February 2021, Stop the Rot Sack the LOT kicks back in to action with a video from Guru, explaining that..

Guru’s been talking to some American and is privy to some information that needs to come out.

So Guru has gone all the way down the rabbit hole and has popped out in Dean Ryans Real Deal Media.

And his rhetoric is still QAnon, But Q is gone, so it’s just Anon.

Toward the end of March he starts doing his own solo shows droppin’ his knowledge bombs and his content start getting a bit more locally focused.

He continues this for a few months and then in June he uploads this sequence of posts.

This is Romeo Georges.

Romeo is a close associate of Riccardo Bosi. Back in mid 2020 Bosi, Joel Jammal and Romeo started this whole journey together.

Conversations on Thin Ice — Episode 1

Joel Jammal has run social media for Bosi, Romeo and also for Craig Kelly, then the UAP, then Turning Point Australia started and now he still runs social media for Bosi while he is the face of Turning Point, I have no idea about the others. I see things that indicate the UAP may have other familiar names running their marketing now.

Could be a troll, seems legit though.

Romeo for a while there was thought of as being aligned with the UAP, especially after appearing to be working for them for a bit, but he left due to an apparent pay dispute. As in, they never paid him anything. In every one of his rants against the UAP after splitting from them over being an unpaid campaign volunteer he praises Riccardo Bosi. In a recent chat with Guru on Instagram during this Canberra convoy he even just flat out said he speaks with Riccardo Bosi every day.

But for now Guru just uploaded that one random shot of Romeo on the 21st of June 2021 then goes back to his usual solo news updates for a while until the 21st of August, when Dean Ryan premiers Real Deal Media’s brand new series: Convos from the Outback with Guru. From Wollongong. The first episode featured an interview with a man named Patrick King, a freedom fighter from Canada.

You may recognize the name Pat King from early in the pandemic when obtained some FOI documents and proved Covid-19 was a hoax.

As it turns out, there is a mirror image of same network of conspiracy fueled anti-covid influencers we have here, in Canada. And the UK. And New Zealand. And yeah pretty much every western country.

He had started his page a month earlier, it seems he had also popped out of the rabbit hole at Real Deal Media.

He’s the non-cardboard one with the beard.

They all keep doing their thing, warning of the Cabal and the evils of Covid vaccination in their own little localized ways. Still nothing else from Romeo, but at the end of September Guru appears on Dean Ryan’s show with another Australian to bring into the fold.

Who knows what they spoke about because the interview is long gone, interesting none the less. Not just that ‘Captain’ Graham Hood is appearing on what is basically a QAnon level conspiracy show with Guru, but the Graham Hood Facebook page was only created 2 days earlier.

Graham Hood is a Seventh Day Adventist preacher, with strong ties to the church.

Graham Hood, or ‘Hoodie’ to his friends, found God after recovering from addiction.

A pilot suffering from addiction!? Outrageous. Flying people around the country, off his head on his chosen poison.

Ladies and Gentlemen we will be experiencing some ferocious turbulence for the next 5–10 minutes. Again. Buckle up.

Hoodie has historically not been afraid to share his opinion.

He really was a Qantas pilot, even though he never finished school. He even claims he used to fly Scott Morrison around. So after losing his (part time, semi retired) job for not wanted to get vaccinated he took a bold step.

And praise the lord that he did because there are plenty of Australians out there who are very confused around what to believe right now and after 2 years straight of demonizing Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Scientists, Police Officers, Pharmacists, Journalists and Politicians they are in desperate need for a voice to lead them.

If we look at his Rumble channel we can pick up on a few little details. His first upload at the bottom of the below image is the one that went viral, 2 videos later is in official Turning Point branding which tells me that those uploads where the title is written in all caps have been uploaded by Joel Jammal.

Anything in this movement with words in all caps and those stupid emojis is written by Joel.

It may not be official or even still the case after their time in Canberra but Graham Hood certainly seems affiliated with Turning Point Australia. Turning Point being the Conservative/Libertarian propaganda outlet and advocacy group funded by the Koch family (oil magnates), which, much like the Rebel News, has played an important part in election campaigns run by the former military grade psy-ops firm Cambridge Analytica, the company behind Trump and Brexit, kind of (it’s complicated).

Graham Hood, or ‘Hoody’ as he is commonly known, became Joel Jammal’s ‘statesman’ and was instantly adored by everyone in the movement.

I find it incredibly curious that he appeared with his initial video, it had a couple of weeks to get out there and be seen then he records his first interview with Joel Jammal for Turning Point Aus on the 22nd (uploaded on the 24th to Hoodies page) who clearly is running his social media, then his next interview 2 days later is an ‘exclusive’ interview alongside Guru by Dean Ryan for Real Deal Media.

So Hoody is off doing the circuit of random internet grifter shows and Guru is plodding along doing his usual live streams and the odd appearance with Dean Ryan or someone else in that orbit.

Some point around late September Guru decided he was going to live on his boat. It’s only a couple of minutes from his house and his family and all his stuff is there but he decided it’s boat life for him now so he now broadcasts from his boat.

Honestly I think it was the best move he ever made. Gives him a point of difference.

Still nothing else from Romeo Georges on Gurus page since that one selfie uploaded in June.

No mention of Guru ever on Romeos page.

Dean Ryan has been doing this weekly show called America at War but around December it changes to World at War.

One of the first guests on World at WAR was Guru. They went through footage of different Freedom protests from Australia and spoke about their various made up situations regarding the pandemic, tyranny and all that and followed it up with a Q and A where Guru got a chance to share his views on a few people in the movement and also just talk straight out of his ass.

The he appeared again for ‘The White Hat Rebuttal’

World At WAR - 'The White Hat Rebuttal' (GURU Returns)

World At WAR - 'The White Hat Rebuttal' (GURU & Matt Return) Host: Dean Ryan Featuring: Matt Short, Guru & Lisa…


Then back again for his special report on ‘The Australian Underground’

World At WAR - The Australian Underground

World At War with Dean Ryan 'The Australian Underground' Featuring: Guru 'the Aussie Insider' Join us for our daily…


At this point he has gone full circle, from getting some inside information from the Americans to share with his fellow Aussies to being the Aussie Insider sharing with the Americans all the dark secrets of the Australian Underground.

This isn’t some Underbelly shit, we’re talkin the literal underground. The underground tunnel system that runs all through Australia and even all the way to Indonesia and New Zealand. You know, the one that they traffic the children through. A story that Lizzy Rose broke in mid 2020 and then followed up in 2021 with the proof. The mental weight of holding on to those details for a whole year before following it up took it’s toll on Lizzy from the looks of things.

Lizzy Breaking the story — The follow up

OK just tricking, the follow up was Lucky Lance cleverly disguised as Lizzy Rose. Unlike Lance, Guru’s exposé of the tunnels was not satire.

But despite keeping up appearances on the show, things were not good behind the scenes. Around the time Guru moved to his boat the gang over at Real Deal Media started noticing a bit of a change in Guru. Dean Ryan mentions he starts making business moves under the Real Deal Media brand without anyone else knowing and also using the company name as part of some Sovereign Citizen type scam he was trying to run. You can listen to Dean Ryans 20 minute long explanation on the Guru Situation here. But I have put together a much shorter version here with the main points in it for your convenience.

So basically, Guru and his wife got some kind of settlement and went on a bender. A long bender. Became extremely flakey, stopped showing up for shows he was supposed to be on and would be really erratic and arrogant. At the same time the Canadian Pat King who appears to be a roaring alcoholic was also creating similar issues with the group. Guru’s wife Mel had access to Dean Ryan’s file sharing server and when it came to putting together their New Years highlights show they realized that Mel had filled their server with all these documents containing Real Deal media branding that they were using for their sovereignty schtick. Mel then deleted everything from the server, including all the clips for their New Years special.

So at the start of January Dean Ryan and Real Deal Media cut ties with Guru, Mel and Pat King. It didn’t seem to phase them, with Guru framing it as some kind of plot against him once Dean and co where able to recover the files from a backup drive.

And shortly after, Guru appears on Pat King’s page, now bringing in a special guest. Romeo Georges.

This conversation is fairly standard stuff from these guys, just repeating the same stuff they speak about in all their other videos, but there is a curiosity. A big curiosity. In between all the vague bible references, the warnings that ‘they’re comin’ for ya’ or ‘they’re comin’ for ya kids’ and rants about the evils of lucifarian face nappies, Romeo and Guru mention attending some ‘high level round-table discussions’ with heads of industries like health and defense.

So that’s uh, pretty interesting.

This could be dismissed as just talking shit, and if it came only from Guru I probably would dismiss it, but the fact that it is mentioned at 2 different points in the conversation really makes it seem genuine.

The next week Guru is back on the show, this time he brings a different guest with him.

and Dean Ryan isn’t the only one noticing a change in Guru.

Guru keeps up with the frequent solo updates and also the odd longer form conversation with a guy named Tane, then on the 24th of January Guru makes an announcement.

Pat had been fighting hard for freedom for a long time but Trudeau’s announcement imposing outrageous vaccine mandates (for truckers who cross the border and enter the USA for work) pushed Pat over the edge. No longer with Real Deal Media and gone ‘rogue’ on the 18th of January he decided to round up the troops and form a convoy of Trucks to head to the capital.

For a rogue ‘investigative journalist’ formerly of Real Deal media he really seemed to get a message out with extraordinary reach. He started a go fund me and it went wild, with millions of dollars pouring in to fund the convoy.

So seeing this and presumably some conversations behind the scenes the Australians decided we need to do this as well and planning began. Before they could even get the plans together a rogue trucker from WA kicked the convoy off. Or that’s what they keep saying anyway, I don’t think he is a random rogue trucker, he is a well established doomsday prepper as you can see in this article on outdoorwilds.com from 2019.

He also helped set up Dylan Wilsons website back in 2020, Dylan being one of the protest ‘Ringleaders’ for the prolonged recent protest at Old Parliament House at the start of January. Remember, the guys that tried to burn down the building.

In another totally random connection to the prolonged protest at Old Parliament House, the other guy involved in setting this up, Ryan Harder, was also at the Old Parliament House protest and was also involved in starting the fire.

I think the giveaway here as to the intentions and integrity of the people behind this event is the inclusion of Pecker Maroo in the group files.

Pecker Maroo is a registered corporation that appears to own the business names of nearly every government department that is involved in regular Australians day to day lives, as well at both major political parties. There is international speculation on the conspiracy behind this mysterious man who owns everything in Australia and because of that it is a great way to identify disinformation agents posing as ‘truth seekers’.

Malcolm Roberts dismisses that speculation, claiming it is just a company that buys and on sells business names.

Deeper investigation reveals it is owned and run by people within this freedom movement.

Rather than explain exactly how the convoy got started, here is Guru explaining with Jim Green, Ryan Harder and Romeo about how it all happened.

So Romeo and Guru have been involved in planning something similar behind the scenes and then this caught them by surprise. If you didn’t watch that all the way to the end, joining them on the call was Graham Hood.

And it was off to the races! As they say about 500 times in that stream, completely organically. It just went bananas, hundred thousand people in the first few days. Completely organic, just pure desire to go to Canberra.

Except it wasn’t. Most of the people joining the event page were from the USA, Canada or other random countries encouraging the event to go ahead, the start of the group is a bunch of Canadians posting memes with Australian backdrops encouraging the convoy.

The group is gone now and for some reason that is all I saved at the time, but luckily Cam Wilson wrote about this for Crikey.

But authentic or not, it did get a lot of interest. This is thanks to all the random ‘independent journalists’ from across the country, AKA the anti-everything mob (or the pro-covid cabal) and the various anti-vax or ‘freedom’ activist organizations that support them jumping on it over the next few days.

Interestingly, on the 27th of February, which is the day before Guru, Romeo, Hoodie and co did their first live stream about the convoy and Jim Greer was already on his way, Monica Smit posted this on her website.

But I cant find it anymore so it looks like she deleted it. Weird.

Upon entering the ACT, Ryan Harder was arrested for his involvement in the fire at Old Parliament House a few weeks before. A few days later Jim Greer had his truck searched by police, they found a sawn off shotgun and ammunition.

So those two were cast to the side right at the start, leaving Guru to pull it all together.

But I don’t think he really did anything, despite Riccardo Bosi claiming he did a few times throughout the week. I just don’t think Guru is reliable enough to makes sure everything runs smoothly.

You could write a novel about everything that went on on in Canberra but that’s not the purpose of this piece. Initially I just wanted to focus on Guru, his relationship with Pat King and Romeo Georges and the creation of this event but after looking at how this thing came together I want to focus on what is actually going on here, because something big was being planned.

Monica Smit made the announcement about everyone working together collectively and Guru and Romeo were in talks with others about organizing something similar. Something big, apparently. Riccardo Bosi also keeps warning of something big coming.

When I started this I didn’t expect Dean Ryan to have worked so closely with Sean Stone, so now I'm going to attempt to tangentially lay out all the connections I have found over the last 18 months relating to this broader freedom movement, its creation, influences and pull from the work of a couple of other people who have done similar work then we'll see if we find anything else unexpected or get a clearer picture of what might be going on here.

I think something worth remembering here is the Freedom Ball, thrown by Aussie Cossack, an openly pro-Russian propagandist who boasts of links to the Kremlin. Funded, so it seems, by Clive Palmer.

Avi Yemini, Rukshan Fernando, Joel Jammal, Aussie Cossack and former Liberal Party Senator turned Sky News Host, Ross Cameron of the Q Society. Always lurking in the background of the movement.

The Freedom ball was weird. For one, it looked terrible and caused a great backlash amongst their followers, which was always going to happen. So why do it? Seems like an odd move.

Harrison Mclean and the Melbourne Freedom Rally crew

Also in Sydney that weekend, though not attending the ball, was Monica Smit and Morgan Jonas.

So ignoring that she just paid Scomo a visit, no idea what’s going on there, it is interesting that those key influencers all in Sydney for the Freedom Ball happened to stay on an extra night and others like Monica and Morgan also came up for that same time frame. Could the Freedom Ball have been a cover for secret meeting with all the influencers from around the country?

Considering Guru and Romeo talking about secret meetings during lockdown, this does actually seem to make sense.

Let’s summarize what we have learned here so far.

  • Both Romeo and Guru are a part of high level round table discussions at a secret location back in July/August with influential people of industry, mentions health and defense.
  • Graham Hood appears in September, first interview is with Joel Jammal, second is with Guru.
  • Freedom Ball happens, many of the main influencers from across the country come together for the weekend.
  • Guru and Pat King are both banished from Real Deal Media over New Years. Dean Ryan cites substance abuse and alcoholism as the reasons .
  • On January 4th Guru, Pat King and Romeo have a discussion.
  • Pat King, after being banned from yet another streaming platform and no longer with Real Deal Media, initiates a trucker Convoy.
  • Jim Greer sees this happening in Canada and, after the small numbers at the previous convoy attempt only a few weeks earlier, decided to take the opportunity and start heading to Canberra, claims to have made a Facebook page.
  • Guru explains that himself, Romeo and others have something similar in the works behind the scenes and they jump in on the organizing of the convoy with Jim Greer and Ryan Harder.
  • Over the next week or so all the other influencers jump on board, creating their own fliers to market the convoy to their followers.

According to Guru, the stage and equipment was paid for by Craig Kelly and the UAP.

In that video he mentions that the next one will be bigger, then he stops himself from saying too much.

And we can see how the organization of the protest was done once people starting arriving.

On the ground from the beginning was Joel Jammal for Turning Point Australia. Initially after covering the first few days he went home and was due to come back the next weekend for the big protest, but was back early to fill in for Rukshan who couldn’t make it that day. A casual observer might think that’s fair enough but these guys aren’t supposed to be working together in unison, they are just everyday people with a YouTube page and a camera. Or so they keep telling us.

This little clip picked up on a stream and shared by The Transparency Report tells us a lot about Joel’s role in this event.

He very much appears to be running the show, which makes sense with Joel being affiliated with most of the major influencers involved at the inception of the event, aside from Jim Greer, Ryan Harder and Guru (though I have my suspicions there).

But it was funded organically by the people!

There was dramas early on regarding the GoFundMe page, set up by Jim Greer, due to GoFundMe freezing the funds until they could prove what cause the money would go to. It raised around $180,000 and he took about $14,000 out before it was frozen by GoFundMe and eventually refunded.

GoFundMe campaigns have been a frequent appearance for these people all throughout the pandemic. Usually accompanied by suspiciously fast accumulation of large amounts of money. My hunch tells me that is being used as a way to pay these people for their activism work, discretely and tax free.

It’s near impossible to know for sure where that $180,000 came from and I am sure there is a large portion of it that comes from people who genuinely want to support the rally, but we can learn a bit from the Canadian Trucker Convoy. They managed to raise around $12million via GoFundMe until the account was frozen and eventually refunded to the donors. Interestingly, the fundraiser was then set up again on another platform called GiveSendGo and currently has raised $9.4million.

GiveSendGo, we learned from a security breach early last year, is a Christian crowdfunding site that has been used to raise funds for far-right groups banned from other platforms.

But the security is still not very tight over at GiveSendGo and the fundraiser was hacked, with the names of donors made public. It showed some interesting stuff, like how the majority of donations came from the USA and there was a fair few contributions from Australia.

GiveSendGo has actually been hacked 3 times now since the fundraiser began and those documents are out there if you can find them. I haven’t even looked for them but I have been keeping tabs on people that are combing through the data and so far are finding plenty of suspicious activity, like multiple donations with different names and ZIP codes all linked to the same email address.

After some investigation, the Canadian convoy Facebook groups have been linked to a Bangladeshi marketing firm. Interestingly, the original admins of the Canberra convoy groups were found to be based in Bangladesh in a separate local investigation.

There was also support from Elon Musk.

Follow by an influx of Bitcoin to the protest account.

As time has gone on people have started digging around on Pat King.

Also, other organizers of the protest have been identified and arrested. This is where even more parallels between the Canberra convoy and the Canadian convoy come to light.

Rebel News on the scene

Rebel News is right there with the scoop as it happens. Proving that only Rebel News has the journalistic integrity to cover these protests from the inside and get the real story out to the world, or something like that.

Who was first on the scene covering the convoy to Canberra?


Which just redirects to the Rebel News website.

A look at the whois data for convoyreports.com shows that it was created on the 20th of January and registered in the USA.

I want to just emphasize the domain name, convoyreportS.com. 2 days after it was just an idea of Pat Kings.

It’s actually the same day the convoy was amplified and the idea really took off. Looking at this reveals even more parallels.

It turns out that Pat King was an organizer with Yellow Vests Canada.

Much like local Rebel News correspondent Avi Yemini and anti-lockdown protest leader turned UAP candidate for Flinders/partner of Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia, Morgan C Jonas, who are organizers with Yellow Vest Australia.

To some this idea might sound a bit hard to digest. ‘Weren’t the Yellow Vests something else?’ you might ask, which would be a fair question. They were something else, initially, in France. But it seems like the Yellow Vest movement was co-opted by the same machine that drove the Trump campaign. The situation is best described by asking a French person directly.

And the answer is very familiar. Keep in mind this is from 2019.

So it looks like the Yellow Vest movement was co-opted by the Alt-Right, and guess what? The same thing happened here, except here it was done by the person who became our resident Rebel News reporter, Avi Yemini.

If you jump on the Wayback Machine you can see that Avi was still using the yellowvestaustralia.org email for his news website even after joining Rebel News.

In fact, the Australian Liberty Alliance Facebook page for the best part of the last 2 years has just been a Rebel News page, covered in Rebel News branding and only posting Rebel News content. Unfortunately the entire page was recently wiped clean. Wonder why that is.

Why is this important?

In 2015 an ‘anti-islam’ group known as The Q Society brought the highly controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders out to Australia.

Together they launched The Australian Liberty Alliance.

Which outlet broadcasted the press conference at the launch?

Nope, it wasn’t Sky News.

Russia Today

RT, the same outlet that Sean Stone was hosting a show on at the time.

Geert Wilders coming out here and launching this party with the Q Society was part of this worldwide movement he has been pushing for years, with the earliest mention I can find of it being from 2010, with an announcement on this website called the International Civil Liberties Alliance (libertiesalliance.org) which stopped being actively updated in 2016.

It seems he was riding high from his party, The Party For Freedom Party, managing 10% of the vote in the recent election.

In November 2016 straight after his success in the US election Steve Bannon turned his sights to Europe.

I think here we can see why the Yellow Vest movement was co-opted and turned into what was described as the French equivalent of ‘Trumps grassroots electors’.

On the same day that tweet was made, about a week after Trump won the election, this article was published on The Daily Beast:

Bannon’s support for European far-right parties runs far deeper than his interest in Marion Maréchal-Le Pen or the National Front. He brags about his international Breitbart operation as “the platform” for the American alt-right, and has for years been thinking globally, with an affinity for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Alternative for Germany (AfD), and the Party for Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands, all of which have earned glowing coverage on the pages of Breitbart.

But the election of Bannon’s man Donald Trump as president of the United States has made the globalization of Breitbart and its message infinitely more plausible than it ever was before, and politicians once considered Europe’s deplorables are now rushing to bask in the gilded glow of Trump and Bannon.

It goes on to say.

From the Netherlands, The Daily Beast’s Nadette De Visser reports that Geert Wilders (famous for his dyed blonde hair) is tapping into Trump’s one-liners: “We will make the Netherlands great again,” he tweets, adding: “I will give the Netherlands back to the Dutch because the Netherlands is our country.”

“Everywhere democratic revolutions are underway. They will drive the elites from power,” says Wilders, whose Twitter feed seems to mirror Trump’s — or is it Bannon’s? — at every turn.

Similarly, Wilders has no qualms about using the Kremlin’s RT television network to broadcast his message. In an interview with RT, Wilders said, “Politics will never be the same and what I call the ‘patriotic spring’ is an enormous incentive. What I say to the Europeans is, ‘Look at America, what America can do, we can do as well.’”

And up to a point the strategy appears to be working. Geert Wilders’s PVV is on the rise in some of the polls, which suggest it will be the biggest political party in the Netherlands. After Trump’s victory, the PVV went from 27 to 29 potential seats in the Dutch parliament, which would make it the single biggest bloc. But Wilders’s record shows he’d find it almost impossible to pull together coalition partners in the 150-seat assembly. So where he’ll continue to build his notoriety will be on the international stage — a mission Breitbart is likely to make very possible.’

Bannon continued down this path of creating a ‘global alliance of populist and far-right politicians’ and in 2019 the Guardian revealed that he had been in discussions about the movement, conveniently called The Movement, Since 2017 and had been speaking to Nigel Farage of UKIP about fronting it.

It’s interesting that there is this narrative running of Bannon’s crusade of courting far-right political parties in Europe, while at the same time there is this other narrative. They come close but they never really crossover in the same article.

Around this same time Breitbart were getting more international.

But things were quiet from the Q Society and the Australian Liberty Alliance for a while, then in the 2019 election they re-emerged as Yellow Vests Australia.

So it certainly looks like The Q Society was set up to push the same anti-Muslim stuff that was being pushed in Europe and the USA to support the Brexit campaign and then the Trump campaign, a lot of which was completely fabricated or extremely hyperbolic.

I post this screenshot because I noticed their most popular story at the time of writing and recognize it from another tab I have open.

There was a refugee crisis that was a result of the conflict in Syria but that was capitalized on by this exact network of people to fearmonger about full Muslim takeovers of European cities and refugee rape sprees in Sweden, all of which was just plain made up. It has even been revealed that billionaire republican megadonor Robert Mercer, who bankrolled Cambridge Analytica and sat on the board alongside Bannon, through the Gatestone Institute paid Rebel News to fabricate footage to support these stories in outlets like Breitbart.

So what are the chances that after the success of those campaigns they went quiet for a few years and then as the pandemic took hold all these people affiliated with them in all these different countries stood up and became influencers, pulled stupid covid stunts for attention and organized protests, running this same narrative of government tyranny and fighting for freedom, all with literal nazis alongside them, openly.

Who else is a part of the Q Society then?

From Wikipedia (and a little outdated).

Several prominent members and supporters of Q Society are current or former members of the Liberal–National Coalition including Cory Bernardi, George Christensen, Angry Anderson and Ross Cameron.[32] Bernardi and Christensen were criticised for speaking at the Q Society fundraising event in February 2017, an event which protesters called racist.[22]

Cory Bernadi

Sky News Australia Host Cory Bernardi Exposes Global Agenda

Source: TruthVideos1984


George Christensen

Ross Cameron

I dont know what the deal is with Angry Anderson but he hasn’t had anything to do with any of this current stuff.

Wikipedia goes on to say -

Kirralie Smith and Debbie Robinson, both members of the Q Society, were founding members of the far-right political party Australian Liberty Alliance (now called Yellow Vest Australia). Smith was an ALA Senate candidate for New South Wales at the 2016 federal election.[33] At that election the party also endorsed former National Party candidate Angry Anderson as its candidate for the Senate representing New South Wales.[34][35] On 7 April 2017, Smith, still a member of the Q Society, joined the Australian Conservatives.[36][37]

Is it a stretch to say that the NSW senate seat is the spot for Q Society affiliated politicians to run?

Because Kirralie Smith ran for the same senate seat in 2019 as part of Cory Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives, but she wasn’t running alongside Angry Anderson that time. Also running for a NSW senate seat for the Australian Conservatives in 2019 was Riccardo Bosi.

On the campaign trail Bosi did a long form interview with the podcast Carnage House.

The host is young Dougal Cameron, who along with his brothers run Carnage House productions.

You might have guessed from the surname that their dad is Ross Cameron.

He is friends with Joel Jammal, who was running Bosi’s social media as far back as 2018.

In fact, it could reasonably be suspected that Joel Jammal and Dougal Cameron work together on behalf of politicians on social media, with both of them named as running Craig Kelly’s online content once he split from the Liberal Party.

The parallels between this stuff and the same things happening overseas don’t stop there.

So how did we get here and who is responsible?

If we zoom right out and look at the American side of this whole shit show, all roads lead to 6 key people. Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, Peter Thiel, Erik Prince, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

At the Republican National Convention in 2016 these guys came up with a project they called MAGA 3X in order to support Donald Trump.

This mobilizing of digital soldiers was backed by Republican mega donors, namely Robert Mercer and the Koch Brothers with their existing, vast network of alternate media, think tanks and advocacy groups, as well as Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and Newscorp.

So let’s have a look at these people, what they do and their influence in Australia.

Steve Bannon.

Former White House Chief Strategist under Trump. He is organizing the political front, aiming for a while wide coalition of far-right nationalist populist political parties, centered around Europe but manifesting here in the form of the Australian Liberty Alliance. Also responsible for linking up with the SCL Group and creating Cambridge Analytica, a name that he came up with, funded by Robert Mercer.

He was facing jail time for fraud in 2020 following an attempt to crowdfund the border wall but was pardoned by Donald Trump.

He currently hosts the podcast War Room Pandemic, which has featured interviews with Matt Canavan and recently was joined by senator Alex Antic to discuss the convoy.

Lately Bannon has been working with, or more accurately working for (to the tune of $1,000,000) an exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Guo.

Judging from some tweets to the now deleted account of Miles Guo he was working with Bannon as far back as 2017.

“The Return of the King Bannon Finds Confidant Bannon and Wen Gui have similarities in subverting the “elite” or “vested right class” In other words, they are both Sun Wukong who makes a big fuss in the Heavenly Palace”

You might recognize him if you tuned in to Steve Bannon’s podcast when a song he made was the theme tune.

As you can see by the film clip, it seems to indicate involvement in the Hong Kong protests of 2019/2020. Another giveaway there is the Trump flags and media outlets supporting it.

We know that the same kind of radicalization that we saw with Trump, Brexit, the Yellow Vest movement and have seen during Covid is what was happening in Hong Kong pre-pandemic, as was confirmed by former Google ethicist Tristan Harris in a interview with good old clueless Joe Rogan from 2020.

Well look who was over there covering the Hong Kong protests as recently as AUGUST 2020, only a week before starting Rebel News Australia?

‘Hong Kong Reports’ sure seems similar to ‘Convoy Reports’

While we’re touching on Avi Yemini again it’s also worth mentioning that he went to the UK and spoke at a rally for leader of the English Defense League Tommy Robinson as part of the Brexit campaign. It’s where he delivered his infamous line “I’m the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi”. Followed by ‘Tommy is my leader’.

Michael Flynn.

Former 3 star general in the US Military who Became Donald Trumps National Security Advisor while also an advisor to the board of Cambridge Analytica.

He lasted 24 days as National Security Advisor before stepping down due to the Muller investigation into Russian collusion.

Flynn was the only member of Trumps team that was charged as a result of the Muller investigation into Russian collusion, but after a years long legal battle it was over in 2020 when he was pardoned by Trump.

During that time he was responsible for overseeing online psy-ops like QAnon, Pizzagate, Stop the Steal, Save The Children and then on to the January 6 insurrection attempt with Erik Prince, who runs the military contractors formally known as The Blackwater, running these operations alongside him.

The Blackwater came to public attention in 2007 after they were involved in a massacre of civilians in Iraq.

The Blackwater guards involved where convicted for their involvement in the massacre.

In 2020 they were pardoned by Donald Trump.

Our equivalent to Michael Flynn is Riccardo Bosi. Both men have positioned themselves in the place of Q since Trump left office, with Riccardo running a localized version, which actually predates Qanon and is a whole other story in itself.

Both men now run their own private contracting firms since leaving the military and in the years leading up to 2015 both of them were working with foreign nations. Flynn with his company Flynn Intel in Turkey, helping run clandestine operations on the border with Iran and Bosi with his company Lionheart Australasia in the UAE, helping run clandestine operations on the border with Iran. Both men came out of the Iraq and Afghan wars where they were both running special ops for the same side, as was Erik Prince with The Blackwater.

But also officially contracted to run psy-ops in Iraq and Afghanistan was The SCL Group, who later became Cambridge Analytica.

Nigel Oakes, head of the SCL Group who still holds UK government contracts, is good friends with conservative campaign guru, the Liberal Parties own Sir Lynton Crosby, founder of the C|T Group, known as Crosby Textor until mid 2018 when it was re-structured and the name was changed to C|T Group.

This was in the midst of successful campaign spanning multiple years on behalf mining giant Glencore where they ran ‘a secret, globally coordinated campaign to prop up coal demand by undermining environmental activists, influencing politicians and spreading sophisticated pro-coal messaging on social media.’

Cambridge Analytica had dissolved as a company at the end of 2017 after the Facebook data scandal broke, however the same people formed another company at the same time called Emerdata, which appeared to just be the same thing, run by the same people from the same place with a different name. This was exposed by the Guardian and Emerdata was eventually shut down and nothing else appeared in it’s place. At least that’s what the people involved kept assuring the public at the time.

It was only 2 months after this in June 2018 that Crosby Textor re-branded as the C|T Group, structuring their company the same as Cambridge Analytica, as a central body that contracts out different aspects of a campaign to different specialist companies, such as the meme farm Topham Guerin and Sir Crosby’s own data analytics firm, Outra. Who’s websites landing page clip is strikingly similar to that of Cambridge Analytica.

The C|T Group also secretly worked on the Brexit campaign, which was uncovered by the Guardian UK and didn’t even get a mention here. More recently, Topham Guerin has been bought in, presumably to make pro-Brexit memes.

Also in June 2018, federal Treasurer Scott Morrison bought in a new Chief of Staff, Dr John Kunkel, a renowned political strategist who during the Howard government ‘worked in the secretive Cabinet Policy Unit, reviewing and crafting policies designed to resonate with the Coalition’s base.’

After the Howard government left office Dr John Kunkel ended up as the deputy CEO of The Minerals Council of Australia before moving on to Head of Government Relations for Rio Tinto which was his role when he became Scott Morrison’s Chief of Staff.

Only a month or 2 later, Scott Morrison rolled Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister and took the top job, becoming our 5th Prime Minister in as many years.

After taking office, Morrison brought in Yaron Finkelstein as his Principal Private Secretary, another former Howard government staffer who was the Australian head of Crosby Textor, running the show while Lynton Crosby worked in the UK. After the re-branding of the company to C|T Group he was made Global Head of Campaigns.

Lynton Crosby’s inspiration in the dark art of kingmaking was the work of long time Republican campaign manager, Lee Atwater (now deceased), who was behind the Raegan and Bush campaigns alongside our next two people.

Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

These men gave birth to the modern day political-lobbying complex in the 1990s.

In 2019 Roger Stone was charged and found guilty on multiple charges stemming from the Muller investigation.

His business partner Paul Manafort was jailed for 7.5 years in 2018 for money laundering, tax fraud and illegal foreign lobbying. All related to his lucrative work for Ukrainian politicians.

From the article:

‘To some, he’s the man who took a drifting presidential campaign and helped deliver an unlikely nomination for Donald Trump. This represented a triumphant return to domestic politics after a decade in Ukraine, where Manafort polished the previously unelectable Viktor Yanukovych and took him to an improbable 2010 victory as that nation’s president.

But dig a little deeper into Manafort’s time in Ukraine and a different picture emerges. Under President Yanukovych, Ukraine was a kleptocracy run by and for a gang of crooks who had carved up the country after the fall of the Soviet Union. Manafort may have introduced Yanukovych to power dressing, a good barber, and a neat line in soundbites. But, in the end, this made little difference in an election already bought and paid for.

Although Manafort’s client was Yanukovych, his route to Ukraine was via Russia. His first contact was with long-time Putin ally Oleg Deripaska, who became one of the richest and most influential men in Russia after emerging on top from the bloody aluminium wars of the 1990s.

Manafort was keen for a role in Russia and pitched for a $10 million a year job to, as one news account put it, “influence politics, business dealings, and news coverage inside the United States . . . to benefit the Putin government.” Instead Deripaska passed him on to Rinat Akhmetov. Akhmetov is Ukraine’s wealthiest oligarch and its most influential power broker.’

It’s worth noting that Manafort’s time in Ukraine coincided with the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine, which was supported by an extensive Russian Information Operation.

Russian information operations in Ukraine were in place before the Third Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on 28–29 November 2013. They supported Russian efforts during the annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and remain underway. The successful integration of cyber tools in the information campaign against Ukraine contributed to the swift consolidation of Russian power in Crimea and is central to the vitality of current operations. Like the campaigns against Chechnya and Georgia, the information operations underway in Ukraine use deception, psychological operations, active measures, and reflexive control. The campaign against Ukraine illustrates the value of cyber tools in amplifying traditional information operation effects. The NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) explains: “During the crisis in Ukraine, we have witnessed the application of a new type of warfare where dominance in the information field and hybrid, asymmetric warfare are the key element…Applying the elements of the new type of warfare, victory can be ensured without open military conflict and deployment of large amounts of military power to the conflict area.”’

When Covid hit, Manafort’s lawyers made a successful plea for him to serve the rest of his term from his home.

Both men were pardoned by Donald Trump in 2020.

Peter Thiel.

The owner of the CIA backed data company Palantir and an early investor in Facebook, sitting on the board of the company since 2005. He was the only other board member to retain his seat along with Mark Zuckerberg in the Facebook reshuffle of 2018, which was caused by the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Thankfully on the 7th of February this year Thiel stepped down from Facebooks board.

Thiel originally made his money alongside Elon Musk at Paypal.

Thiel’s data company Palantir has had a very lucrative pandemic, getting the contract to handle all the health data during the Covid pandemic for the USA, UK and Australia.

In fact, Palantir appear to be handling all kinds of data for our government, including the Signals Directorate, our equivalent of the NSA.. So basically they handle ALL the data.

They are obviously the biggest and therefore the best data handling company in the world so I’m sure that could be perfectly innocent and have nothing to do with any of this.

One thing stands out to me with these contracts though, most of the Palantir contracts are contracted to Palantir Technologies Australia, which is run by Mike Kelly, formerly the MP for Eden-Monaro.

But notice how the contracts for the Signals Directorate are contracted to Palantir Technologies, not Palantir Technologies Australia.

I don’t know what to make of that, but it’s interesting.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has a piece in many different tech-related ventures, including a venture capital firm called ‘Thiel Capital’. At the end of 2021 Thiel bought in Sebastian Kurtz to run Thiel Capital.

Kutz resigned as Austrian chancellor amid corruption allegations in 2019.

From the European Council on Foreign Relations when Kutz came in as chancellor in 2017:

‘While Russia sanctions will likely remain unchallenged by Austria, the close contacts between the FPÖ and the Kremlin are deeply worrying. In 2014 an Austrian counter-intelligence officer made the very unusual step of alerting the media of Russian attempts to cultivate the “very upper echelons of the political systems”. FPÖ officials are widely believed to have been targets of this effort.

The FPÖ is one of few parties in Europe that has an official contract of cooperation with Putin’s United Russia party. Since the mid 2000s the FPÖ, and particularly Strache’s inner circle, has cultivated close ties to ultraconservative Russian intellectuals and oligarchs. The FPÖ and Russian cultural organisations are in close contact to organise balls, business events, and political congresses. Since the demise of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) no other party has been as deeply and comprehensively tied to the Kremlin. It is to be expected that the Kremlin will make use of its allies joining government.’

His exit from politics in Austria was accompanied by a flood of pro-Russian conspiracy theories.

The managing director of Thiel Capital is Eric Weinstein, who was the person responsible for the creation of The Intellectual Dark Web, which could maybe more accurately be called The Intellectual Qanon.

The Intellectual Dark Web is a loosely connected network of prominent alternative media voices who all suffered under the iron fist of cancel culture. It included a whole bunch of Koch funded or similar alt media voices like Ben Shapiro, Dave Ruben and Jordan Peterson along side people like Eric Weinstein, his brother Brett Weinstein and Joe Rogan.

Through this he was able to cultivate a friendship with Joe Rogan that has resulted in a whole bunch of the stuff that has caused outrage at his podcast over the last year or so.

You might not even recognize all these peoples names but combined they have a greater reach than any single media outlet. Joe Rogan alone has a bigger audience than CNN and Fox News.

At the start of the pandemic Brett Weinstein and his wife Heather turned their podcast Dark Horse to fully focus on Covid and their analysis of Covid data as it came out in order to make sense of it all.

Recently he featured an interview with Liberal Party Senator Alex Antic.

This podcast was largely responsible for the hype around Ivermectin, which was based on a study out of Monash Uni showing promising results in a petri dish.

He also provided early platforms for prominent spreaders of disinformation like Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCullough. Many of these talking points and controversial guests then went on to make their way through Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic, Fox News and on through other similar outlets like Newsmax, Sky News Australia and GB News, through all the localized ‘freedom’ oriented alternative media outlets and ending up on The Joe Rogan Experience.

One of his earliest appearances is alongside Jack Posobiec, a prominent pusher of the Pizzagate and Qanon conspiracies. Malone is still a frequent guest to this day.
Interviewed by Nigel Farage for GB News
Maria Zeee — Alternate Media based in Sydney.

And you can see a similar trend for Dr Peter McCullough, also ending up in our local alternate media channels.

Here he is on Sky News Australia back in November 2020, pushing the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine.

Fox News.

and so on..

Dark Horse Podcast / War Room Pandemic
Reignite Democracy Australia
George Christensen
Joe Rogan

The majority of those interviews are no longer on Youtube due to being removed for misinformation and are now found on Rumble.

Which is a ‘free speech’ alternative to YouTube that appeared once YouTube was forced to remove harmful misinformation during the pandemic.

It was funded by Peter Thiel.

Dr Peter McCullough is part of a group called American Frontline Doctors, which was launched on July 27, 2020, which coincidentally is the same week many of the initial core influencers started their various accounts.

And it was created and funded by the same organizations behind the early anti-lockdown protests.

They go on to become a part of antivax news outlet The Defender, run by Children’s Health Defense, founded in 2016 by Robert F Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr and Children’s Health Defense have been the underlying force behind vaccine misinformation during the pandemic, as captured in this investigation by The Globe and Mail.

Here is an account of him speaking about the lab leak hypothesis — a creation of Bannon and Miles Guo — on Steve Bannon’s podcast.

RFK Jr was courting Trump within a week of him taking office.

One little side note -

There is something here that has stood out to me for a while and in all the conversations I have had and things I have read and listened to around this stuff i’ve never heard anybody even make the connection or at least question it.

Central to the whole QAnon narrative is this idea that JFK Jr is not really dead and will come back and save us all. It’s embedded in the lore, even the brief proto-QAnon account WH Insider Anon that disappeared with an ominous final statement talking about ‘The Dossier’ and Paul Manafort’s connections, only a few weeks before QAnon appeared, had JFK Jr as his avatar and stated there was a reason for it.

This image is something I have had on my hard drive for years now, reading through it again as I write this and it doesn’t seem as stupid and funny as it was at the time.

‘Also, tomorrow is the day you will get the answer to the question I have been asked many times. Which is why I use the photograph that I do. Everything that has happened and will happen has all been apart of a well planned ‘happenings’ and everything, even the little things work together to reach their final goal.

Somethings have been planned for years. Events, quotes and even tweets that seem insignificant will begin to make sense even more. Even an arrest that took place today is apart of the plan’

Hardcore QAnon adherents still think this is legit and are waiting in Dallas, the city where his Dad was assassinated, for his triumphant return and the announcement that he will be joining Trump as his running mate in 2024.


Sorry for shouting, it’s just like what the fuck. Why is nobody saying that. I guess it’s probably the implications that it brings.

But Anyway..

The common denominator for all these Americans, minus RFK Jr, is a group known as the Council For National Policy (CNP).

And the money from the richest and most influential members of the CNP then flows on to fund a plethora of think-tanks and activist groups set up over the course of the last 40 years, mostly lead by the Koch Family and their pro-fossil fuel, anti-climate science agenda. This is also where this whole thing mixes with your more fringe religions like Scientology plus Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians, such as the 7th Day Adventists which Graham Hood belongs to, as well as genuine extremist groups.

Our equivalent in Australia would probably be something like the Cormack Foundation.

Mixed with the Free Enterprise Foundation.

And the Greenfields Foundation.

combined with Freedom For Faith

and the Australian Christian Lobby

One of the largest, most influential think tanks associated with the CNP is the Heritage Foundation, especially in regards to media connections. Rebekah Mercer has been a Heritage Foundation Trustee since 2014.

They are basically Americas version of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and operate in a similar way, with their mouthpieces given plenty of airtime on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, just as the IPA basically runs Sky News here.

At the time of Cambridge Analytica’s inception, whistleblower Brittany Kaiser even mentions meeting Rebekah Mercer in her office located in the Newscorp building in New York. The two think tanks even sometimes work together, with one of the Heritage Foundations news outlets, The Daily Signal, citing the IPA in articles.

This is not surprising seeing as they are both a part of a global network of Libertarian think tanks called the Atlas Network.

The Atlas Network is best described in this piece in the Guardian.

They call themselves ‘The Worldwide Freedom Movement’.

only a crisisactual or perceived produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.”

Mel Ann (aka Mel Ciechanowicz We have already covered in a previous piece how the IPA has their fingerprints all over the freedom movement here, including campaigners running a whole host of Facebook groups designed to control the anger and confusion around the Covid pandemic and direct it at Labor politicians, and how these groups were used to platform people like Monica Smit, Morgan Jonas, Rukshan, Avi Yemini and  when they all sprung up working together early in the Pandemic.

Mel Ciechanowicz and Gideon Rozner, Director of Policy at the IPA, taken at a ‘Worldwide Freedom Rally’.
Here he is again at an earlier protest, next to Avi Yemini as he weighs in on the breaking of police lines during an update from Rebel News.

We have also covered how the freedom protests appear to have originated in America early on in the pandemic and were mirrored across other western countries under the guise of ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’.

These early American freedom rallies were run as a joint operation by a subsidiary of the Council for National Policy called ‘CNP Action’, which is the activism arm of the CNP, as well as The Heritage Foundation and Freedomworks.

In Australia we have a variation of Freedomworks called Libertyworks, based in Queensland and also part of The Atlas Network.

Founded by Andrew Cooper.

Before founding Libertyworks, Andrew Cooper was and still is the director of special projects for another Australian based Atlas Network think tank, the Australian Institute for Progress.

In 2019 he and Libertyworks launched the CPAC conference in Australia, funded by the American Conservative Union.

On the American Conservative Union, From Sourcewatch:

According to archived ACU pages, “Over the years, ACU has been on the cutting edge of major public policy battles. Among ACU’s significant efforts, past and present, are fighting to keep OSHA off the back of small businesses, opposing the Panama Canal giveaway, opposing the SALT treaties, supporting aid to freedom fighters in Marxist countries, promoting the confirmation of conservative Justices to the Supreme Court, battling against higher taxes, and advocating the need for near-term deployment of strategic defenses

Speaking at the event were people like ‘ex-muslim’ Raheem Kassam, editor-in-chief of Breitbart UK and former advisor to Nigel Farage, a representative from Koch Industries and even Nigel Farage himself. Alongside, of course, a local line up featuring prominent voices from the IPA, Sky News and the Q Society.

Sound like foreign influence, right?

The courts thought so, but it wasn’t registered as such.

Here is Joel Jammal promoting the upcoming CPAC conference back in October 2020 on the podcast he started with Riccardo Bosi and Romeo Georges.

Speaking at the conference is his guest on the show, John Ruddick, who left the Liberal Party and joined the Liberal Democrats, citing the ‘increasingly powerful green moderate faction’ that is ‘more interested in reaching net zero than revitalizing our critical manufacturing industries’ as the reasons why.

In 2020 Andrew Cooper, along with former head of the Gold Coast Young Liberals and former staffer for Andrew Lamming, Barclay Mcgain, announced plants to launch Turning Point Australia and later on in 2021 Joel Jammal came on as the host.

Barclay McGain also writes for Far-Right media outlet Cauldron Pool where in his bio it states he is an actively involved member of Generation Liberty, run by the IPA.

Generation Liberty being a Libertarian activist network run through universities as part of a push to shape the culture of the upcoming generation. Why? Well to quote former director of the IPA John Roskam from his interview in the Financial Review upon announcing his departure at the end of 2021..

“When I started at the IPA 17 years ago we were basically purely economic research, we’ve now realised that politics is downstream of culture”.

‘Politics is downstream from culture’ is the mantra of Andrew Breitbart, mentor of Steve Bannon who after Breitbart’s death adopted that mantra as his own as he took charge of the media outlet.

It really is amazing how similar Generation Liberty’s logo is to that of another local pro-freedom Libertarian grass roots advocacy group.

Back to RFK Jr. He was getting plenty of attention early on in the pandemic, but Covid vaccines were a while off still. So what was his hook that led people in to the antivax stuff once the vaccines rolled around?

He was fearmongering about 5G through Children’s Health Alliance as far back as 2019.

And we can see in this article from Wired that once Covid hit a series of ‘happenings’ happened and resulted in the organization of this 5G coronavirus conspiracy operation in an eerily similar way to the set up of QAnon, Pizzagate and even The Flat Earth Theory.

And then it goes on to say..

So who was RFK Jr pushing this stuff with at the time?

Sep 02, 2020 is the same week as the first official Freedom rally here.

But these had already been going for a while in Germany, reaching a climax the week before this article where they stormed the capitol building.

Interesting, because the Worldwide Freedom Rally was also created by a weird German conspiracy group.

So out of curiosity, let’s see if we can find out what this Querdenken 711 character was doing in March 2021 when the Worldwide Rally For Freedom was launched by another weird German conspiracy group, the Free Burger Castle. (ok it’s Freie Bürger Kassel).

From Querdenken 711’s Telegram page.


Call for a large demonstration in Kassel on 20.03.2021 Stuttgart/02.03.2021

On Saturday, 20 March 2021, a large-scale demonstration for peace, freedom and democracy will take place in Kassel from 12:00 noon. The organizer “Freie Bürger Kassel” demands the observance of our fundamental rights and the end of the excessive corona measures. A rally and a connecting elevator are planned.

Querdenken711 calls all initiatives to Kassel!

Melbourne Freedom RallyAnd what was the telegram page posting at that same time?

Coming together under The Worldwide Rally for Freedom solidified an alliance here with all these loosely connected but competing protest groups like the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations and deeper conspiratorial side of things with the Freedom Rally crew and related alt mediu like RDA, Morgan, Avi, Rukshan, Mel Ann, etc.

So outside of the Freedom rally/RDA circle, where did these other initial influencers come from?

Well let’s go back to early on in the pandemic.

The leaders of the anti-5g crew in Australia at this time consisted of Zev Freeman, Matt Lawson, Youssra Rose, Rukaya Jabs, Rinat Strahlhofer and Max Igan.

Collectively they were United under the banner of United Collective.

We have touched on them briefly already, being the group behind the fabrication of the Sovereign Citizen conspiracy theory around the fake company they registered called Pecker Maroo.

There is a wordpress site from an Australian group called The United Collective that stopped being updated in 2014. Interesting because it seems its values align.

And if you are familiar with the movement here, you can see how these people all splintered off in their conspiratorial directions, antivax, anti-lockdown, sovereign citizens, 5g, etc.

Then, when it moved on from a pure anti-5g group to being under the banner United Collective, Craig Cole and Pete Evans entered the mix.

I wont get into Pete Evans because the text on that image basically sums him up.

Craig Cole, pictured there being arrested at a protest he organized in May 2020 with Fanos Panayides, is the Victorian Coordinator of Riccardo Bosi’s political party Australia One.

Although Fanos wasn’t part of United Collective he was a loud advocate of the 5g conspiracy who was working closely with Neil Pascoe, one of the figures lurking in the background of a lot of this stuff early on.

Neil Pascoe, or Nate Max as he sometimes calls himself, was organizing protests early on in the pandemic and appears to have an existing relationship with Sacha Stone, United Collective as well as other key influencers in this whole web.

At the start of this piece I touched on Sacha Stone and his group of people that were largely responsible for the cultification of Qanon, including Sean Stone, who in 2015/2016 was working with Dean Ryan. You can read all about Sacha Stone here.

Sacha Stone, alongside a bunch of interesting or just plain bizarre characters, ran this thing called the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. The easiest explanation for this is if you have heard about these local Sovereign Citizen types organizing their own courts to trial the politicians for treason once they take over old parliament house.. It’s kinda like that, but on a world scale.. for QAnon.

And who was there in 2018 at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice for the show trial?

Neil Pascoe.

Sacha Stone also runs New Earth University. This is where Max Igan links into the fold.

So it’s not surprising that by April 2020 both Neil Pascoe and Max Igan are involved in separate groups pushing this 5G stuff.

As the pandemic went on they provided a pathway for other influencers to link up with Sacha Stone.

In June 2020 he released a Covid-19 White Paper through the New Earth University which acted as the blueprint for all these localized influencers to pull their talking points from.

You could even just call it COVID 3x.

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Page 4, Page 5
Page 6, Page 7
Pete Evans, Riccardo Bosi, Dave Oneegs and RFK Jr.

Mel Ciechanowicz (Mel Ann) Around this time United Collective shifted shape and became Millions Rise for Australia and more influencers came into the fold. They were, Millie Fontana (Mill Gates) and Emily Coltraine (Voice for Victoria).

Mel Ciechanowicz (Mel Ann) This infiltration was done by , through Matt Lawson.

Mel Ciechanowicz (Mel Ann) What is the significance of these three?  is involved with Reignite Democracy and the Freedom Rally crew. Emily Coltraine is involved with Matt Wong and along with Topher Field is a recurring guest on his podcast Discernable.

Matt Wong runs Novus Intelligence, a data collection agency that picks up data from video using AI.

An artists visualization of the concept.

He appeared alongside Monica Smit in her first venture with Reignite Democracy, hosting an internet news show called ‘Not the Project’.

He also used to work for Tesla and I have heard from a few separate sources that Emily Coltraine used to run events for the state government.

Which is the next point to make here, there is plenty of ties to the state.

Millie Fontana (Mill Gates), perhaps the most overlooked player in this whole thing. Where does she come in to play? She has been dating Joel Jammal for a while now but wasn’t at this time. She claims she was bought in by Emily and initially was helping run the Voice for Victoria account, perhaps it was her experience running security at events that led Emily to her?

Maybe it was her involvement with the Australian Christian Lobby?

Or maybe it has something to do with her Uncle?

The Transparency Report

What would the (former, as of mid 2021) Chief Information Officer have to do with any of this?

Interesting considering Millie’s previous work experience.

Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination is fronted by a long time antivax advocate Michael Simms, but behind the scenes it is run by Mary Jane Liddicoat.

Mary Jane Liddicoat, as you can see from her Bitchute channel, is just an normal Aussie mum.

According to the ABC, she is a normal but well connected Aussie mum who runs a bar in Canberra when she isn’t peddling dangerous conspiracy theories.

Looking at her resume you can see where she made her connections.

A dead link on Google shows she is also connected to Tom Barnett who links back to Neil Pascoe

She is the most suspicious government related influencer, but she isn’t the only one.

Already covered in previous writing is Rukshan’s work as a videographer for the state government.

Also we have covered Kate Callan, the data scientist that was sifting through the data collect by Reignite Democracy early on, formerly worked for the town planning department. also part of the Freedom Rally crew with her own breakaway protest group The Phoenix Program.

Sorry, Project Phoenix. My bad.

She used to work for the Planning Authority

We saw a shift around mid 2021 where some of the initial influencers dropped off and new ones came in. There’s no point going into all the influencers at this point as only the initial ones are really important here due to it taking on a life of it’s own, but a few stand out.

Australian Free Independent Press Network

Popped up as the Worldwide Freedom Movement was really picking up in in the midst of 2021 lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne.

Melbourne / Sydney protests, July 2020.

It acts as a network to pool together all the people live streaming these protests and give people a central hub to find them, plus marketing.

It was founded by Luke Roughley.

Cafe Locked Out

Michael Gray Griffith is a playwright from Melbourne.

He also writes for The Spectator.

According to their website Cafe Locked Out is an organization started to defend free speech.

What do they do? Well they have a podcast where they talk to people about Freedom and tyranny and whatever.

Here he is interviewing a voice from Canada on a live stream of the podcast.

Let’s zoom in on the description section because in the context of everything we’ve gone over around the convoy it says so much more than the words on the page.

‘is haunting because of the similar narrative of both our countries.’

This was the 19th of January, the day after Pat King initiated the convoy, before it was even broadcast around.

Also, it’s being live streamed to Graham Hood’s Facebook page, which explains why Joel Jammal introduced Michael here as ‘the guy that runs Graham Hoods Facebook page’ in a live stream during the convoy protest.

But it’s not the only account he appears to have access to, because he was also streaming the convoy protest from the Facebook page of Dr Catherine Cumming, an independent state MP from Victoria.

Mel Ciechanowicz (Mel Ann) A year earlier during the first wave of this mindf*ck in Victoria,  was posting for Dr Catherine Cumming during the time she was speaking at the rallies.

Aussie Cossack

In a way he is so much more central to this than I have given him credit for, but in another way he is not.

My introduction to Aussie Cossack AKA Simeon Boikov was in February 2021 when he was at the center of a report on 4corners.

He’s all kind of dodgy and Russian. I don’t need to go into him as the work has already been done and you can read it here.

In March 2021 he posted this to Facebook.

At the time he had a Russian language Youtube channel but when Sydney went into lockdown it changed it’s vibes.

And he basically just became the Sydney version of Avi Yemini.

Melbourne Freedom Rally As explained by NSW based influencer and former candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Chriscoveries, he offered Harrison Mclean who runs the $10,000 to come in to the group, which was too last minute for them to make happen so he intimidated his way in.

I have heard mid-tear influencers in the movement mention have a large spike in Russian followers after linking up with Cossack.

Harrison Mclean

Runs the Worldwide Freedom Rally and is linked in with this worldwide group. He is also a member of the Proud Boys.

And that’s the thing, the parallels keep coming. The Proud Boys have rose to prominence in Australia throughout this pandemic. As have the other key groups involved in the January 6 siege on the Capitol in the USA, the other main one being the Oathkeepers which has manifested here in the form of the Peacemakers.

The final point we need to touch on and like Cossack they are much more involved here than I have mentioned in this piece, but also like Cossack for anybody in Australia it kind of goes without saying.

Clive Palmer and The United Australia Party

Political party of mining magnate Clive Palmer. Typically his party has filled the role of sucking up votes of people going against the major parties and funnel them back to the Liberal party. They have been funding a lot of things around the freedom movement since the start of 2021 and have the goal of a ‘Freedom Coalition’, bringing together all the various antivax and freedom parties that have appeared over the last year or so as well as the other existing libertarian and far-right parties that have their claws in the movement. The Liberal Democrats, One Nation, The Great Australia Party, IMOP, Yellow Vests, etc. This is a frightening prospect but it deserves its own piece and for the sake of time I wont get into it here.

Clive’s ties to overseas are murky but I do find it a bit suspicious that many of his ties are former Soviet states.

His first wife, Sue Palmer, died of cancer in 2005 which Clive blames on their time spent in Russia during the Chernobyl meltdown. He then married Bulgarian woman Anna Topalov-Palmer, a family friend who had also recently lost her partner, Andrew Topalov.

Despite his public face of the last 18 months he is actually facing jail time for fraud.

How billionaire Clive Palmer became Queensland's patron saint of hopeless causes - InQueensland

Stop trying to play God: Twiggy on the attack over green future How I became Morrison's 'road kill' - dumped Post boss…


Stemming from the same mess he was in in 2018 regarding the collapse of Queensland Nickel, where the company ended up with liquidators trying to claw back $300 million dollars in debt, including $70 million to the Australian Government.

The scandal had gone quiet after he ran the Palmer United Party in the 2019 election, syphoning enough disenfranchised votes to get the Liberal Party over the line.

This campaign was run in a very similar fashion to the Trump campaign of 2016.

Funny that while the campaign was running they uncovered a $180 million dollar loan transferred from his parent company Mineralogy to a Bulgarian company.

Clive Palmer's wife questioned over $180 million loan to Bulgarian company controlled by him

Clive Palmer's wife has told the Federal Court in Brisbane that she approved the transfer of about $180 million to a…


This Bulgarian company that received this $180 million dollar loan (not payable for 50 years) is Palmer Investments.

In 2020 he launched Palmer Investments in Australia.

He then proceeded to sue the state of Western Australia for $30 billion in damages relating to a rejected proposal for an Iron Ore mine.

It was unsuccessful. 3 months later he took the WA Government to the high court over Covid border closures.

and so on..

Then went to the high court to fight for his right to sue WA for $30 billion again.

And in a late entry to this piece, adding this in as an edit after I published this earlier day, Clive Palmer is actually quite sick with both Covid and Pneumonia. He’s also grossly overweight and unvaccinated (apparently) but that’s not even the reason why i’m adding this in. I’m adding this because of the purchase he has just finalized while trying to fight off this virus.

And where he bought it from.

Yeah. WTF.

Rupert Murdoch

And then there is uncle Rupert, who I wasn’t even going to go into here but I just saw on twitter today that someone has dug this up.



The timing of this coincides with this.

Which opens up the doors to a whole lot more avenues we could explore here but I’ve gone on for long enough. Because I can’t help myself, here’s a series of images and links to consider and maybe inspire further research.

Thread by @morphonios on Thread Reader App

This thread is dedicated to information on #Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell. #GhislaineMaxwell Ghislaine is a…


“Mossad Asset” is his words, not mine. Nor is it provable.
Real Independent Journalists.

From this article published in January 2020:

Murdoch has aligned himself with fossil fuel interests globally via the American Australian Association (AAA), and Genie Oil and Gas. Genie oil and gas is a division of Genie Energy and has been involved plans to frack in Israel. Its big project now, however, is exploring for oil in the Golan Heights, which is disputed territory once controlled by Syria.

In November 2010, Genie Energy, as a division of IDT Corporation, announced Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild had each purchased equity stakes in Genie Oil and Gas, and would join Dick Cheney on Genie Energy’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Halliburton is active in the Australian unconventional gas industry. Halliburton Australia Pty Ltd is listed as a major contractor to QGC — providing satellite, dewatering, storage and maintenance services. Kellogg Brown and Root Pty Ltd provide QGC with engineering consultancy services.

KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton until 2007, is a private military, petroleum and gas, engineering, construction and government services company headquartered in Texas.

Disturbingly, a significant number of ex-military personnel popped up in unconventional gas industry activity in Australia. Multinational gas corporations are prominent in war zones. Military ties to fossil fuel interests may explain the failure of Prime Minister Morrison to call in the military to protect the lives and homes of Australia’s people during the catastrophic bushfire emergency, until January.

Lachlan Murdoch is a co-chair of the AAA Business Council in addition to his role running News Corp in Australia. Corporate members have included News Corp, Reserve Bank of Australia, JP Morgan, Bechtel, Conoco Phillips, Dow Chemicals, Chevron, Peabody, RioTinto, BHP, PwC, KPMG and Deloitte. Bechtel constructed all three LNG plants on Curtis Island in Queensland. The chairman of Bechtel, Riley Bechtel, was named honoree of the AAA in 2012. Australian Andrew Liveris, former head of giant Dow Chemicals (producer of fracking chemicals), was awarded honoree in 2017. Rupert Murdoch received the 2018 Honoree.

Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch were guests at US President Donald Trump’s state dinner for PM Scott Morrison in September 2019. Morrison later flew in for ash-sky Christmas drinks at Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch’s Sydney mansion as the Australian continent burned on 5 December. News Corp personnel Matthew Fynes-Clinton, Andrew Carswell and Thomas Adolf — have moved into the PM’s office to perform the roles of speech writer, press secretary and advisor respectively. Morrison’s Principal Private Secretary, Yaron Finkelstein, was the former CEO of lobbying firm Crosby Textor (C|T), Founded by Sir Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor, the firm has lobbied for the powerful oil and gas association APPEA (in Queensland, NSW and WA), and been involved in conservative election campaigns in Queensland (Newman), the UK (David Cameron & Theresa May) and NZ (John Key).

2 days before this article, in the same outlet, was this story.

And if that isn’t a sign to end this here then I don’t know what is because any long time readers of this blog will know that we have just gone full circle.

Part 1 — Moving Forward.

As somebody who never generally looked at things as left and right outside of an actual political party I was finding…


Putting this together took me 3 solid weeks of writing and in that time so much has happened. Russia has entered Ukraine and as I write these words they are moving in on Kiev and military support is coming in for the Russians from neighboring countries.

The world is in panic and if you just take a little bit of time to look at how the Russians ran the 2014 invasion of Ukraine and what they have done in other countries like Estonia you can see that this is what they do.

So am I saying here that every name behind this is some kind of shady Russian actor? Of course not. We’ve been played.

This is a result of a needless 20 year war that bred seasoned professional warmongers who left with grievances and went private, mixed with dark wars fought by intelligence agencies, funded by dark money and bound by no rules.

The fall of the Soviet Union was followed by 30 years straight of the political-lobbying complex and the nurturing of back channels to government from special interest groups, funded from the pockets of fossil fuel barons with all the money in the world, who for the first time are starting to face the consequences of the industry that made them their fortunes.

Doing all they can to manipulate public support.

2nd generation billionaires that don’t give a fuck about you or I, the sons and daughters of men that have no allegiance to anybody but themselves.

They have taken advantage of reckless, self absorbed politicians that have already sold us out more times than they can remember, in their positions not on their merits but on the propaganda that smears their opposition and plays on our fears using the same playbook over and over again.

Leading up to WW2 they sold the Japanese the Iron Ore that they used to make the weapons they used to invade Darwin.

History doesn’t repeat but it sure as hell rhymes.

We need to get our heads around this and recognize it. Quickly. Because we have radicalized pockets of the population that are well organized, sympathetic to Russia and living in a completely different reality where the entire government, all our pillars of democracy and the international rules based system that holds the world together are evil, corrupt, satanic institutions that have been waging a psychological war on them and their freedoms for 2 straight years.

This is a snapshot of the sentiment within the Freedom Movement as I write this.

AustraliaOne Party - The War for the World Continues

17 February 2022 The War for the World Continues.... www.australiaoneparty.com


Domestic chaos inside the western countries would leave Taiwan very exposed.

But America has got our back, in fact they just promoted a new guy to lead their Pacific troops.

Michael Flynns Brother

All these Nazi groups that pop up in the news every now and then, what do you recon they'll do? Because those Nazis sure love just being there alongside this thing every step of the way.

But, as is the point of Russian disinformation operations, it gets confusing.

Putin is using the line that they are fighting Nazis. This is the same line that has been fed to every person in the Covid conspiracy echo chambers for the entire pandemic. This speaks to them on a whole different level.

But, like all good disinformation, it’s kind of true.

These guys are proper white nationalists, they had formed a militia and became part of the Ukrainian national guard after fighting Russia in 2014.

They are a weird group though. From Wikipedia:

In 2014, the regiment gained notoriety after allegations emerged of torture and war crimes as well as neo-Nazi sympathies and usage of associated symbols by the regiment itself, as seen in their logo featuring the Wolfsangel, one of the original symbols used by the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. Representatives of the Azov Battalion say that the symbol is an abbreviation for the slogan Ідея Нації (Ukrainian for “National Idea”) and deny connection with Nazism.[11] In 2014, a spokesman for the regiment said around 10–20% of the unit were neo-Nazis.[12] In 2018, a provision in an appropriations bill passed by the U.S. Congress blocked military aid to Azov on the grounds of its white supremacist ideology; however, in 2015, a similar ban on aid to the group was overturned by the Congress.[6][7] Members of the regiment come from 22 countries and are of various backgrounds.[13][14]

What are the chances the one Far-Right movement that is hostile to Russia is right there on the border in Ukraine.

Smart move? Im not so sure. As is pointed out in the article above on the right

But it backfired.

And now western Nazis trained by Ukrainian Nazis trained by the CIA are heading to Ukraine to get on the ground battle experience. Fighting for both sides.

There is a large body of evidence that suggests the entire rest of the neo-Nazi movement is aligned with Russia. It is the whole underlying ideology of the Nazi movement, the same ideology you start becoming exposed to the deeper you get into the QAnon rabbit hole.

Plenty more information on the Russian connections with neo-Nazis, Conservative politicians and media in the clip below.

Right-o then.


The Convoy to Canberra happened without a major incident, but that’s not to say there was never going to be one.

That is one thing, but more concerning is the stuff that didn’t make the news but was caught on one of the live streams.

Yes that is a group of men with foreign accents, during the convoy protest, dressed in military kit, standing right out the front of parliament house saying “There’s no way these guys are stopping us” and “the boss is the boss, if he says go we do it”.

Even still..

And the big thing they were planning before the convoys got in the way? It’s still coming. Im pretty sure it involved a convoy, although Monica Smit came out with some worldwide strike thing that she claimed to have spoken with RFK Jr about, but she removed the announcement not long after posting it.

The numbers of this movement are not what they were 6 months ago, they have dwindled greatly but what is left is the diehards and this is the problem. The dumbest people are the ones that have been targeted the hardest. In these closed Facebook groups that these people dwell in it can get hard to even stay in the group. They have deliberately targeted dumb people, Rebel News even explicitly said this when The Age tried to enquire about a crowdfunding scam. Not very smart people and religious people are the low hanging fruit here. I’m not saying anyone who is involved in this movement is an idiot nor am I saying religious people are stupid, I don’t think that, but there is a predisposition to putting blind faith in to something they cant prove to be true so they target the easy ones, that way those people then go and spread the ideas to the wider population on their behalf, this is how it achieves critical mass.

For example, we have at least 10,000 people in this country willing to just dropped everything, put their stuff in the car and go to Canberra on a whim with no money or plans aside from overthrowing the establishment to save the children from elite pedophiles that are forcing them into having a vaccine that will make them sick, funded by one of the richest men in the world through his little sidekick Craig Kelly, the head of the UAP, who’s staffer Frank Zumbo was charged with 18 criminal charges stemming from four young women who accused him of inappropriately touching them at work over the course of 4 years, which came out in June last year, while this was all going on.

Meanwhile they are making a huge fuss at parliament house, taking attentional away from Grace Tame, who was at the National Press Club for her final speech as Australian of The Year.

Then by the end of their time in Canberra most of them had horrific sunburn on account of standing in the sun for days on end, at a high altitude, in front of a building that acts as a mirror.

Then they all got Covid and decided it was some kind of radiation poisoning from the LRAD devices.

LRAD being Long Range Acoustic Devices that the police used as a loudspeaker to tell the crowd to move on.

It would be the funnies shit I've ever seen if it wasn’t innocent, well meaning people being played with, and if they do get in power what would that look like? Well Craig Cole and Riccardo Bosi aren’t shy about letting us know.

What can we do?

We are potentially on the edge of a pretty steep cliff leading in to a federal election. This election will be fought on a tight margin. Forget the polls, every campaign related to this thing has been a surprise come from behind victory. But, there’s another major party that can win this election and I haven’t found a single link to them and this whole shit show. Honestly, they are nowhere to be seen. Are they a bit naïve? Sure, in a campaigning/propaganda sense, but that wouldn’t be an issue if the competition didn’t play so dirty.

For example, because it’s just popped onto my feed as I’m writing this, here is a meme posted by an actual campaigner for the Liberal party in one of his groups and I think it really just perfectly speaks to this whole thing.

Clive Palmer has an endless amount of money and is facing jailtime from ASIC relating to the closure of Queensland Nickel. I think he is seriously having a tilt at usurping the Liberal Party by pooling minor parties together, which is what they are trying to do, and there is all kinds of parallels between this situation and the demise of the United Australia Party in 1941. Even if this tilt is unsuccessful this year which is probably will be, it could give us a few indications of what might play out.

Having spent all but eight months of its existence prior to 1941 in government, the UAP was ill-prepared for a role in opposition. Curtin proved a popular leader, rallying the nation in the face of the danger of invasion by the Japanese after Japan’s entry into the war in December 1941. Even allowing for the advantages a sitting government has in wartime, the Labor government seemed more effective than its predecessor. Fadden and Hughes were unable to get the better of Curtin. By the time the writs were issued for the 1943 federal election, the Coalition had sunk into near paralysis. At the election, the Coalition suffered a massive defeat and was reduced to only 19 seats nationwide, including 12 for the UAP.

After this election defeat Menzies returned to the UAP leadership, and Fadden handed the post of opposition leader to him as well. However, as the Nationalists had a decade earlier, the party and its organisation now seemed moribund, particularly in NSW. UAP branches tended to become inactive between elections, and its politicians were seen as compromised by their reliance on large donations from business and financial organisations.[17] In New South Wales, the party merged with the Commonwealth Party to form the Democratic Party,[18] which merged with the Liberal Democratic Party the following year.[19] In Queensland the state party was absorbed into the Queensland People’s Party.[20]

Menzies became convinced that the UAP was no longer viable, and a new anti-Labor party needed to be formed to replace it. He circulated a confidential memorandum expressing his wish for the UAP to be replaced:[21]

The name United Australia Party has fallen into complete disregard. It no longer means anything. Many of my own strongest supporters in my own electorate decline to have anything to do with the Party as such. […] To establish a new party under a new name, it is, I think, essential to recognise that the new groups and movements which sprang up in the six months before the election were all expressions of dissatisfaction with the existing set-up. […] The time between now and the next election is already beginning to run out!

On 31 August 1945 the UAP was folded into the newly formed Liberal Party of Australia, with Menzies as leader.[22][23] The new party was dominated by former UAP members; with few exceptions, the UAP party room became the Liberal party room.

The Liberal Party went on to become the dominant centre-right party in Australian politics. After an initial loss to Labor at the 1946 election, Menzies led the new non-Labor Coalition of the Liberal and Country parties to victory at the 1949 election against the incumbent Labor government led by Curtin’s successor, Ben Chifley. The Coalition stayed in office for a record 23 years.

That’s a pretty sleek rhyme.

He wont get anywhere near the numbers even if he manages to pull some minor parties together, unless it’s the Nationals. Their votes are going straight to the LNP.

On top of this, not friendly with the UAP but still always there, is Riccardo Bosi and Australia One, who will be running covert independents due to not being able to register a political party. These guys are the ones with the more extreme rhetoric and blatant use of QAnon aligned conspiracy theories. When the election doesn’t go their way they will start getting hysterical over a rigged election which will also seep into the UAP followers.

The propaganda will come from all angles, as it already is, but more. It'll be pumped through all kinds of innocent seeming community groups and not explicitly political pages, but it’s ok as long as there is counter information being seen as well. We are in an information war and our only weapon is the truth. It just needs to be heard.

There is so much to draw on on this page, I encourage as many people as possible to take anything and spread it or use as a starting point and build on it.

If you’re skeptical, great. Debunk it, I insist, but can you honestly assess all this and write it off as a series of coincidences?

Which also coincidently just happens to be doing the same stuff we were explicitly warned about after the last time this happened?

Funny how conspiracy theories these days look like this.

Anyone else remember back in the mid 2000s when conspiracy theories where all about bankers and oil companies being in bed the with media, religion being used for control and the potential of renewable energy?

They were simpler times.

By Talkingtomyself


Australian Police Under Investigation for Using Sonic Weaponry Against Protesters

Australians protested in Canberra outside Parliament House in the “Convoy to Canberra” against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions. According to reports, Australian Capital Territory Policing admitted to the use of a Long Range Acoustic Device (“LRAD”) during the protest, however, only after Senator Malcolm Roberts and Senator Alex Antic brought up the issue in Senate estimates on 14 February.

The LRAD device has two modes. One setting turns it into a crowd control tool – also referred to as a “sound canon”, “acoustic hailing device”, or a “sonic weapon” – and the other mode makes the LRAD a loudspeaker or amplification device to relay messages to the crowd.

In a meeting of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee held last week at Parliament House, Senator for Queensland Malcolm Roberts asked Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw if LRADs were used against protesters. Kershaw looked extremely uncomfortable and said he would get back to him.

“There have been many attempts to paint anti-mandate protesters as extremists. It’s not true and even the Federal Police have said so. At the protest some people were concerned about the appearance of possible Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) and whether they were used or not. We didn’t get an answer back straight away but the police will have to give me an answer on notice,” Senator for Queensland Malcom Roberts wrote.

A spokesperson for the police subsequently released a statement to The Epoch Times:

ACT Policing has deployed several types of loudspeakers and amplification devices to quickly and effectively convey voice messages to large, and often loud, crowds of people during the recent protest activity in Canberra.

Although the police claim to have not weaponised the device in Canberra, the mere presence of these devices caused reasonable concern due to their history as primarily being used as a sonic weapon.

The device has a controversial history when it has been used during protests, often coined as a “sonic weapon” meant to cause extreme discomfort by way of amplifying sound.  However, protesters in Canberra have reported bizarre symptoms afterwards such as skin and scalp burns, and blisters on their lips.

Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

The news is important to all people because it is where we come to know new things about the world, which leads to the development of more life goals that lead to life wisdom. The news also serves as a social connection tool, as we tend to relate to those who know about and believe the things we do. With the power of an open truth-seeking mind in hand, the individual can grow wise and the collective can prosper.

By Rhoda Wilson

Reigniting Democracy
‘Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.’- Franklin D Roosevelt
Police arrest three people in Canberra as convoy protests continue for third day
Police arrest three people in Canberra as convoy protests continue for third day Multiple people have been capsicum-sprayed and arrested outside the Nationa...
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