Prince Harry Releases New Book, Podcast, Movie Franchise In Desperate Bid For Privacy

satire May 17, 2021

Prince Harry has signed a new 82-part tell-all TV series in a desperate plea for privacy, reminding fans that he also has a new Netflix special and book series in the works.

“This constant interest in my day-to-day life has to stop. It’s like living in The Truman Show,” Prince Harry told viewers of a prime-time talk show, which he used to promote a new upcoming movie.

“All I ask is that you stop this fascination with my personal life and subscribe to my new podcast, wherever you normally get your podcasts”.

The Prince said the last few years had been incredibly trying and that tickets to his new live show would be on sale soon. “Meghan and I just want to get onto our lives, which you can view on our new reality TV show, starting next month. Check local guides for details”.

By The Shovel


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