Report: 2 Kids DEAD After 24,000 Children Herded Into Stadium for JAB!

convid Aug 19, 2021

Stew Peters spoke with an Australian ex-military official who confirmed that AT LEAST two children are dead after being inoculated in a mass of 24,000 kids that were ushered into a sports arena to take the jab in the absence of any adults.

The horrific Nazi-like ushering of masses of helpless youths is the furtherance of proof that Australia is the prototype for the New World Order.

By Stew Peters Show


Australian Government To Seize 24,000 Children, Vaccinate Them Without Parents Present In Massive Stadium

This is not embellishment, nor is it an exaggeration. This is actually happening.

The Australian government is going to seize 24,000 children from it’s citizens and place them in a stadium quarantine camp to be forcibly vaccinated. Parents will not be allowed to attend.

As was reported by the Daily Expose in the United Kingdom and Red State in the United States, Australia’s Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research, has told parents in a press conference that 24,000 children will be sent to a stadium to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, and parents will not allowed to be present. Hazzard insisted to parents that their children would be “well looked after.”

Red State reported that “It should be noted that Australia has had strict vaccination laws since at least 2018. Parents can receive heavy fines and lose welfare benefits if they refuse to comply with the traditional vaccination schedule.”

Citizens will be charged with “on the spot” excessive fines up to $5,000 per infraction if they violate the tyrannical COVID-19 rules as their children get sent away to get forcibly vaccinated despite their protest as Australia conducts one of the most authoritarian military lockdowns to date.

Australian residents have received a letter from the Australian Government detailing how an “accommodation facility” will be used for mandatory quarantine “accommodation” called the Centre for National Resilience, Melbourne (the Centre) built at 135 Donnybrook Road. The first 500 beds will be completed by the end of 2021 and the facility will be equipped to increase to 3000.

This is not the only COVID-19 camp that the Australian government is using. On the official government website, it says that the Victorian quarantine hub will be “at the site of the existing animal quarantine facility, owned by the Australian Department of Agriculture” and modeled off a similar facility in Howard Springs.

“The master plan for the new hub includes dedicated onsite services, including catering that is tailored to be delivered alongside strong infection control and prevention measures. The first stage of the hub will provide 500 beds, with a second stage doubling capacity a short time later.  It is also designed with the ability to increase to up to 3000 beds as part of a scalable build if a larger facility is determined to be required at any point.

The new hub will also be designed with relocatable cabins so that it can be utilised for alternative and future needs, including ongoing quarantine arrangements, crisis accommodation and other emergencies.”

In one shocking video, 3 children had immediately collapsed apparently after getting vaccinated in the camp. “Vaccinate your kids they say…GENOCIDE,” wrote one Twitter user. Officials are seen attempting to stop the man recording.

Australia vaccine stadium for children monitored by the police. Parents not allowed in, 3 children collapsed and 2 are in a coma! Video from a close friend in Australia. Vaccinate your kids they say… GENOCIDE

— JewelsJade (@jewelsjademedia) August 17, 2021

By Andrew White


Australia has fallen – Minister for Health tells parents 24,000 children will be herded into stadium like cattle to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine

Australians are currently living under one of the strictest dictatorial regimes in the world and now they are coming for the children.

The Premier of New South Wales has acknowledged that without dramatically lower case numbers, even opening up at 80% vaccination rates will be difficult, as hopes of a lighter lockdown beyond August fade, and Brad Hazzard the Minister for Health and Medical Research has now told parents in a press conference that 24,000 children will be herded like cattle into a stadium to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, and parents will not allowed to be present.

The children will be greeted by the friendly, smiling faces of Australia’s armed forces at the door to usher them inside as is evident from the following tweet posted by Australia’s Department of Defence

When they get inside they can then look forward to a “Big Brother” style address from the New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who will fill their heads with propaganda and lies and thank them for participating in the largest experiment ever conducted on humanity.

Then they can move on to the best part where they can watch on enviously as some of their friends suffer an immediate adverse reaction and collapse to the floor just like the three teens that collapsed at the Qudos Arena “vaccination hub” in New South Wales, Australia.

Meanwhile their parents can look forward to being harassed by the police or the armed forces, and being issued fines for thousands of dollars if they dare to breach stay at home quarantine, lie to a contact tracer, stray over 5km from their home without a permit, and venture outdoors without partaking in actual exercise.

But are these draconian restrictions justified? According to the New South Wales Covid-19 dashboard, absolutely not.

Since March 2020 the state of New South Wales which has a population 8.16 million has conducted 11,122,726 faulty Covid-19 tests and found just 14,227 confirmed cases.

It currently has just 7,338 active cases which is 0.08% of the entire population, and has recorded just 113 deaths in the past 18 months, just 0.001% of the population.

In the 24 hours leading up to 8pm on the 16th August, 151,767 faulty Covid-19 tests were apparently conducted and they found just 454 cases, 0.2% of all tests performed.

Make no mistake, this is dictatorial tyranny, Australia has fallen, and it could be coming to the United Kingdom this winter if you don’t act now.

By Daily Expose


CLAIM: 3 Schoolchildren DEAD from Vaccine at Sydney Olympic Stadium

The following video has been watched thousands of times on The XYZ’s Bitchute and Telegram channels and it is currently going off on Twitter.

But why not millions? Surely, footage of a boy collapsing at Olympic Stadium in Sydney after getting the Covid vaccine should be national and international news? However, I can’t find anything about it from the mainstream media Lying Press, and that makes me deeply suspicious.

The XYZ reported on this story on Tuesday, August 17, when it was claimed that three children had collapsed and 2 were in a coma. It should have been extremely disturbing for NSW authorities, particularly as Brad Hazzard had boasted that the children, whose parents were not allowed into the arena, would be well looked after.

But again, not a peep from the Lying Press. Why has no major news outlet in Australia made any effort to corroborate the claim that three schoolchildren collapsed at the Olympic Stadium in Sydney and two of them ended up in a coma? If they did, why have they not reported on this? What is there to hide? More to the point, what narrative are they protecting?

Now Alan Hennessy, whom it is claimed is a 45 year Australian Air Force veteran, has appeared on a news stream hosted by Stew Peters in the US claiming that the three children who collapsed have in fact died. He also warns that a 1 kilometre allowed radius is in store for locked down Melburnians, and repeats the claim by Jeff Kennett that Victoria will be in lockdown until 2022.

Again, nothing from the Lying Press on this matter. The appropriately named has repeated the claims and published more photographs of the collapsed boy.

This one takes the cake though.

This is real. Big Nosed Sister is displayed on massive television screens above the arena congratulating all the goy for being good cattle. If I had a dollar for every time time I could appropriately use the expression “1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a manual”, I would have enough money to outbid the globalists currently bribing or blackmailing our political leaders and put an end to this nonsense.

By David Hiscox


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