Totally Vaxxed-Out Gibraltar Demonstrates There is No End to This Endless Hoax

covid Aug 4, 2021

Recently, I wrote about the fact that Iceland is nigh totally vaxxed out, and yet continuing to get positive coronavirus tests and is thus talking about a 15 year plan to fight the alleged disease.

Obviously, this is the plan for the world – to eventually say that the vaxx didn’t work at all.

Of course, I said this before the vaxx was ever released – I said they would just come up with a new variant to explain why it doesn’t work, and why you have to stay locked down.

If that wasn’t the plan, how did I know? Am I a scientific genius, who predicted the development of a virus better than all of these government experts?

Did I just guess?

Which is more likely?

Look at Chris Sky, predicting the same thing I predicted, last summer.

How did he predict that? Is he a virus expert? Was he just guessing?

This is all ridiculous. Myself and others said every step of this process, and it all came true exactly as we said it.

Along with Iceland, the small island nation of Gibraltar is another place that is totally vaxxed to hell – classified by the WHO as “fully vaxxed” – and is now implementing more measures to fight the spread.

This is not just Anthony Fauci and the government that is lying about this, but the entire media. There is no possible way to argue that something other than this will happen in every country, so they’re just hoping you don’t notice.

They plan on telling you that the vaxx doesn’t work soon, but they apparently expected that more people would take the vaxx.

Now they’re caught between these two different narratives – saying that everyone must take the vaccine, but at the same time, beginning to admit that it doesn’t actually work.

It’s surreal, to watch it in real time – the next step of the narrative is overlapping with the current step of the narrative, due to lag.

This is called a “narrative glitch.”

It is glitching out, bad.

If this media narrative was a video game, it would be Cyberpunk 2077 on release day.

Anyway, they don’t care it’s glitching out, because people have already bought into this, and it would be humiliating to have submitted yourself to this system, to have worn the mask, lost your business, destroying your family, taken the deadly vaxx – and then have to say “oh, darn – looks like the whole thing was a total hoax!”

By Andrew Anglin


This Hoax is Just Getting Started: Totally Vaxxed Iceland Now Discussing 15-Year Coronavirus Restrictions Plan

Hopefully, the entire population of Iceland dies quickly, and then we, the unvaxxable, can go there and frolic.

In April of 2020, after “two weeks to flatten the curve” was extended into an indefinite period of lockdown, I told you that it would not ever end.

To this day, many readers still don’t seem to understand what “never end” means. It means that as long as this system exists, you will be subjected to this virus hoax. There is no way out of that, and there hasn’t been any way out of that since people agreed to stay in their houses indefinitely.

As we here at Hoax Watch try to reach a level of understanding of this situation among the readership, I think it is now fair to start with “every Western country is working from the same playbook.” Anyone who denies that at this point is too far gone to be worth trying to convince of anything at this point.

So, accepting that every country is working from the same playbook, let us look then to Iceland.

According to all available data, the vaccine does not work to stop positive PCR tests and it does not work to stop supposed hospitalizations and deaths from the alleged coronavirus. Iceland, having such a massive rate of vaccination which borders on total, is proof of this.

Therefore, the response of Iceland is relevant, as it will be the response of every other Western country. Iceland was simply the first to get to the point where almost everyone was vaxxed, so they are the first to enter the next phase. The next phase, we are seeing, is 15 years of coronavirus restrictions.

This, of course, is what I told you would happen.

When I say “I told you this would happen,” I am not trying to say “oh hey, wow, look at me, I predicted this.” The point I am making is very simple: I knew what would happen because I understood that there was a plan, and I knew what the plan was.

How else could I have possibly predicted everything that happened in the way that I did? Do you think it was just a lucky guess? Because that is the only other possible option I can think of, and I do not think that guessing every single stage of this process in such specific detail would be statistically possible.

The vaccine was never designed to work. It was designed to get you to agree to submit your body to this global agenda, and it was designed to serve as a platform for launching the next phase of control, which is this QR code “vaccine passport” system which we are now seeing implemented across Europe. (There may also be some kind of larger genetic engineering agenda, but we don’t really understand that as of yet.)

Let me just go ahead and make some magical guesses:

  • The entire Western world is going to implement the vaccine passport agenda
  • The vaccine passport will turn into a larger medical database, which keeps track of everyone’s vaccination status
  • A continual series of “new variant” hoaxes will be rolled out, and everyone will be expected to get continual “boosters” to protect from the “new variants”
  • The “new variants” will be blamed on the unvaxxed
  • Unvaxxed will be progressively restricted from not only working, but from buying and selling, and from engaging in society on any level
  • They will introduce an implantable microchip to replace the QR code scanning tracking app
  • A digital credit UBI system will be linked to your app/implant, as most work will be gone
  • Progressively, the virus agenda will be welded onto the global warming agenda, and you will be told that you can’t have your freedoms because you are changing the weather by living your life
  • There will be a “carbon credit” system integrated into your app or microchip implant, which will be something like a social credit score, where you will be rewarded or punished based on how the government and tech corporations determine that your behavior is affecting the weather

Those are all things that I can tell you as easily as I can tell you the sky is blue.

There are still many things that we don’t know, of course.

For example:

  • What will ultimately be done with the people who refuse to be vaccinated – They could round them up and put them in camps, they could round them up and force vaccinate them, they could simply allow them to exist as a kind of “untouchable” class that serves as an example to those who follow orders as to why they need to continue following orders.
  • What the vaccines will do to people in the long term – This is something that not even the overlords themselves know. “Experimental vaccine” means that they do not know what the effects will be, because it is an experiment. It looks like more people are dying than they expected to die in this first wave of deaths coming shortly after the vaxx. It will obviously shorten people’s lives beyond the initial die-offs we’re seeing now, but we do not know if it will be next year or in a couple decades that people really start dying on a mass scale.
  • What the next rounds of vaccines will do – As mentioned above, there is a possibility (probability?) that this vaccine agenda is a part of a massive program to genetically engineer the entire human population. Clearly, there is some reason that the population is being experimented on with this gene therapy, but we do not totally understand what that purpose is. Presumably, the vaxx will make people sterile.
  • How long this system will last – This system is completely out of control, and it is obviously totally unsustainable. There is zero chance that it will last until the end of the century, and it could collapse next year if the United States decides to engage a shooting war with China. I tend to think it can’t hardly go on much longer as it is, because there is such an active push to completely destroy the white middle class that held the country together, and replace them with incompetent brown people, while at the same time, China is rising rapidly and refusing to be bullied. But if the Western nations were able to win a war with the Chinese (and the Russians), that would mean that it could go on for longer because there would be no external pressure. But having attacked the people who built it and held it together, and pushing so aggressively to remove them from the positions they hold where they keep things running, it has already peaked, and we are going to witness a downward spiral.

Here’s another thing we know as a matter of absolute fact: none of this can be fixed.

The entire system is doomed. It has been abandoned by God, and nothing can save it now. Therefore, the only thing that anyone can do is attempt to avoid being destroyed by it. The basic practical thing that I have recommended is to move out of the cities. Anyone who has not already done that is truly in a state of denial and total self-delusion, and they are likely to suffer very extreme consequences for that decision.

When I started this website in 2013, we would talk about the coming doom, but we would say: “people will have a warning.” Well, you’ve already been given the warning. No one will ever present any argument as to how this situation is not going to rapidly spiral into something darker than any nightmare in the very near future. We all know in our bones that the storm is coming, even if our brains are capable of coming up with some ridiculous explanation as to how it’s all going to be okay.

I promise you: it is not going to be okay.

It’s time to be an adult and make adult decisions about what you are going to do to protect yourself from what is coming.

By Andrew Anglin


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