Twitter locks out news outlet for quoting Antifa activist

news May 5, 2021

A news outlet’s Twitter account was locked after sharing a headline containing a quote from an Antifa activist.

Media Right News tweeted about a story it covered the previous week titled: “Antifa Hit List, Recordings Exposed by ABC Affiliate: ‘Let’s Kill Some Cops.’” Twitter, going by just the headline of the story that was mentioned in the article, penalized the news outlet’s Twitter account and said that it engaged in “targeted harassment.”

The story published by Media Right News is centered around the expose of Antifa published by the US television network ABC7. According to the story, a Trump supporter had infiltrated the extreme left group and ended up finding out that there was a “target list” that contained information of all the people the group was planning on doxxing.

Some of the individuals in the target list include the head of the Deputy Sheriff’s Union and several law enforcement officials. Squashing claims of “targeted harassment,” the editor-in-chief of Media Right News, Ian McDonald, said to National File : “I simply quoted Antifa, and we CONDEMN the quote from Antifa and disagree with the quote used for only news purposes.”

By Naga Pramod


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