US Government Admits Moderna Vaxx Giving Men Under 30 a Chronic Heart Condition

moderna Aug 21, 2021

The coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective and it cannot possibly harm you. Anyone who claims differently is an insane conspiracy theorist, a QAnoner, and a terrorist.

However, the vaccine may give you a permanent chronic heart condition.


U.S. health officials are investigating reports that Moderna Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine may be linked to a higher risk of a rare heart condition in younger adults than previously thought, the Washington Post reported late on Thursday, citing people familiar with the review.

The report quoted a source saying it was too early for the regulators to reach a conclusion, and that additional work was needed before any recommendation was made.

Health regulators in June had added a warning to the literature that accompanies the mRNA vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer to flag the rare risk of heart inflammation seen primarily in young males. However, they said the benefit of the shots in preventing COVID-19 continued to outweigh the risks.

There might be a 2.5 times higher incidence of myocarditis in those who get the Moderna vaccine compared with Pfizer’s vaccine, the Post quoted a source as saying.

The investigation that is focused on Canadian data suggests that risks of myocarditis might especially be higher for males below the age of 30 or so, according to the report.

There’s no problem with giving this heart condition to men under 30.

The important thing is that we sterilize them.

That is to say – that we protect these evil racist Nazi scumbags who deserve to die from the deadly coronavirus.

White men surely must be killed for their hatred, and we laugh when they die.

However, no one deserves to die from the deadly coronavirus.

We have to save racist white Republican males from this deadly virus so we can kill them in a different way.

That’s why we need to force vaccinate them.

Tell these pussies to man up and read the wikiHow page on how to survive a heart attack and then go get their damn vaxx.

By Andrew Anglin


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